Welcome to my website.

My name is Garry McGivern.

In 2007 I lost my wife to breast cancer, aged only 42. To say thank you to the local hospice that cared for her (St Wilfred’s) and keep myself occupied I decided to go on a charity cycle ride from Spain to England. After completing this first cycle ride, I found that I’d got a real taste for long distance cycling.
Despite being middle aged, overweight, drinking far too much and eating too much, I seem to be able to ride a bike for miles without any training and have been cycling around different countries ever since, whenever I have the opportunity to, work commitments and finances permitting.
I’ve since cycled in over 30 35 countries and covered over 35,000 45,000 miles and certainly don’t have any intensions of stopping just yet!
In the process of cycling I’m also trying to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK via my just giving web page www.justgiving.com/Garry-McGivern. Please donate by clicking on the link or UK residents can text the word “BIKK50 £3” to 70070 to donate £3.

I have set up this website so people can follow my progress; please click on any of the links on the right or above to find out more. I hope you enjoy the ride!!!

20 thoughts on “Welcome to my website.

  1. Hey Garry,
    after enjoying a really lovely Jazz festival in Glynde Park Sussex we now find the time to send you greetings from Copenhagen 🙂
    After you had guided us the right way to the bicycle track we made it to beautiful Brighton along the coast that day. It was the perfect coincidence to meet you in Shoreham-at-Sea when we were completely lost and without any map (thihi).
    All the best wishes to you and safe journeys 😉
    Jacob & Vera

  2. Hi Garry! 80 mile a day with a 100lb load – you’re a phenomenon. You remind me of Graeme Obree. He confounded the pundits. I cycled twenty mile a day along the canal to Rennes and then took a train to Nantes. Mind you, we did have a heat wave didn’t we.

    • Hi Malcolm, it was lovely meeting you on the ferry to St Malo, I’m so glad you made it to Nantes however you done it. And I’m glad your back home safe I’m currently cycling around Spain!

  3. Hello Garry, do your remember the Lycra Six on theAvenue Vert in early September – we made it to Paris, 40 punctures, two new sets of tyres android a lot of the way! Nice to meet you (Jo and David)

  4. Hi garry. Were happy to hear you made it to Sterling from New Raymer! We hope your travels go smooth for you! We will be following you on this website! Laine and Rebecca from the pawnee station restaurant.

  5. This is all so amazing! I feel priviledged to have met & chatted in san francisco, at the start of the U.S. leg of your journey!
    Best Regards,
    Linda (& her mom)

  6. Hi Garry,
    I hope u r staying sane without any signal for 6 days while u pedal to Ceduna.
    All the best with your trip, a very worthy cause indeed!!
    (met at Fraser Range station)

  7. Hi Garry,

    I was unaware of your incredible plight until you found me on Facebook recently. I remember a conversation we had a while back when you mentioned the whole riding around the world thing! Well you are finally doing it and I would like to say how much I admire you. I think that
    what you are doing is incredible and I will enjoy keeping track of the latter part of your journey. Your family must be so incredibly proud of you and I hope you raise a shedload of money for a very worthy cause. Wishing you a safe trip. Xx

    Jodie and family xx

  8. Hi Garry,

    Looks like your doing amazing. I am hoping to do a zumba/danceathon in aid of what you are doing. Hopefully we will get it set up ready for a few months – need to talk to Vicky more about it and then we will get advertising. All donations and payments will go straight to your just giving fund. If you have any ideas for it or suggestions let us know and we will get planning!

    Take care,


  9. Hey Garry!!
    What you are doing is great!! Now you just left the Orient Express Hotel to catch your flight to India. I wish you a nice trip and will be following you! It was a pleasure for me to meet with you. All the staff of Orient Express Hotel sends you all te best wishes.

  10. Hey Gerry!
    Great meetıng you agaın cool websıte. I wıll check ıt out more when I return home and e-maıl those pıcs.

    Safe Travels,

  11. Hi Garry, me and Izzy are following your comments everyday and enjoying the adventure so far. Izzy asks are your legs aching and feel like they are going to fall off yet? We just want to wish you the best and remind you to stay safe – you seem to mean a lot to some people (not sure who!!!) Keep peddling and chin up xx

    • Hi Izzy, thanks for the question. My legs are fine they don’t seem to hurt even after a long day it’s my bum that sometimes aches! Just remember that when your cycling up those hills on the IOW next year! Glad your enjoying my blog. xxx

  12. Just to say hi to you Spike. Been meaning to log in for a while and leave you a message, so when your web address fell out of my wallet this evening I thought the time was right.

    Hope all is well, I daresay your friends at the Fox send their best too. You’re not missing much here, it’s just turning colder and damper. Kind of envy you your adventure mate, especially the East Asia part. Watch out for those bloody trucks!

    All the best for now,

    Rich and Laraine

  13. Hi Spike
    Thea, Ella and I will be following you all the way on your amazing adventure so please keep those messages comming.
    May the road rise to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    May the rain only fall at night.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face and until we meet again may God bless and keep you safe.
    Good luck and may this journey fulfil all your expectations and much much more!!!
    Thea, Ella & Liz x

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