April 2017 Update 

Garry McGivern’s regular monthly update. April 2017. The month got off to a really good start. I had a quiet spell of work, so decided to go away on a mini tour for a few days.

It wasn’t a very long tour, only covering 220 miles and I was only away for three nights. But it was still good and I managed to get around to a couple of my favourite campsites and also a new one which could become a regular visit. However, the end of the tour didn’t end too well!

The Fox and Goose at Greywell
The Fox and Goose at Greywell that has a free campsite in the garden

As you may have read in my last post on the 8th of April I ended up at a beer festival. But what I didn’t mention was that on my way home I hit a pothole in the road and came off! Or that’s what the people in the car behind me told me as they picked me up!

Garry McGivern enjoying a pint
Garry enjoying a pint at the beer festival before it all went wrong

After being picked up, I had to put the panniers back on my bike that had come off. I gave the bike a quick once-over to check for damage, not that I could see too much in the dark. Also I think my vision was a bit blurred! I apologised and thanked the couple who had stopped for me. I went to continue on my way. But it took a lot of persuading on my part to convince them that I was fine and that I would be okay now. They wanted to take me and my bike home in their car! After once again thanking the couple and reassuring them that I was fine. I continued on my way home, without further incident!

However, the next morning when I woke up, I was in agony and could only just about manage to get out of bed! My side was killing me. I must have cracked a couple of ribs coming off last night! I also had cuts on my head, arm and leg! Obviously, the adrenaline or maybe the alcohol got me home as I don’t remember struggling or being in pain!

Eventually, when I did get up and had taken some painkillers I went to unload the bike and found that I had managed to make a hole in one of my panniers. And even worse still, I’d bent the crank on my bike!

I’ve managed to repair the pannier as it was only a small tear. Unfortunately, Passepartout hasn’t been as lucky and is still waiting to be repaired! It’s still rideable, although it’s a bit strange and doesn’t feel very comfortable!

Now, at the end of the month, I’m still in a lot of pain. But I’ve only got myself to blame so I can’t complain, although I am really annoyed with myself!

Brighton Lanes
Some of the quirky shops in The Lanes at Brighton

Had a weekend away in Brighton with Julie, or rather one night! I had a voucher for a hotel that was due to expire, so rather than waste we went to Brighton. We didn’t really do much just wandered around “The Lanes” and sat in pubs drinking beer! But it was still nice well for me anyway. I’m always happy sitting in a pub!

It’s been the annual Isle of Wight cycle ride this past weekend. The one that used to attract loads of people, but now it’s just me, Billy no mates! But not this year. I had some friends come and join me. Dave and Helen decided to come.

Beer tent
With Dave and Helen in the beer tent

We only stopped for one night, but at least we managed to go to theover the edgebikers party in the next field, although it was only to the bar in the afternoon. We knew that we would be safe in the afternoon as it’s only in the evening that it starts to get a bit wild! The afternoon was very pleasant, and there was even a wedding!

Wild garlic at Shorwell
Wild garlic on the Isle of Wight at Shorwell

4 Replies to “April 2017 Update ”

  1. Good that you’re managing to stay active in spite of the pain you’re experiencing from your tumble.

    1. It was hard going to start with but there’s no point in sitting around it hurts even more then and it’s so much better now!

  2. Hi Spike. So sorry to hear about your accident. I hope by now you are much better. Take care and hope your bike and confidence will be mended very soon!! Liz xx

    1. It’s a lot better thank you Liz and it only hurts when I cough or laugh now, but luckily, I’m a miserable old git and don’t laugh too much!!

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