April 2018 Update

The month didn’t start too well, I‘ve had to give up working for a while until I get this hip sorted out! Which I still haven’t got a date for, but at least there’s some progress I’ve got my pre-op in a couple of weeks, and the occupational therapy team are coming around to my house to assess my needs! That should be interesting! A two week holiday in the Carribean or a never-ending supply of beer maybe!

While on the hip front, it’s starting to annoy me now! Some days it’s just dam uncomfortable, yet on another day it’s really painful, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference what I do!

With some spare time on my hands, I had plenty of time to make some more YouTube videos! This time they were of my cycle ride around the Isle of Wight and Hampshire last month.

In a bid to try and keep fit before my operation and possibly lose a bit of weight! I decided to go away on the bike again.

Touring bike loaded with panniers
Passepartout all loaded up and ready to go

It wasn’t the longest of tours, and I certainly didn’t do the normal daily mileage that I do, I was too uncomfortable and in pain! But as I’ve always said it doesn’t matter how many miles you do, although I did find it a bit frustrating that I wasn’t able to do my normal mileage!

Garry McGivern
Taking the off road route for a change

Despite not doing my normal mileage It was still an enjoyable little ride, and I got around to seeing a few friends that I’d not seen for a while.

I’m hoping to go away again in the next day or two, but again I doubt if I will be going too far away!

Bluebells in Selsdon Woods
Passepartout with the bluebells in Selsdon Woods

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2 Replies to “April 2018 Update”

  1. Hi garry! April was the cruelest month for all of us. Even today there was a strong wind in East Cowes. I went over to Lymington and I had to wear a scarf. I have put Le havre on the bucket list but I can’t be sure. I’d be scared to have a hip operation but I am down for three fillings next week and that’s because the dentist hadn’t been taking Xrays.. I can’t get used to this Dawes – I have to push it all the way. If I had your bike I don’t think I’d make a hundred yards. Good to see you’re doing some more videos. You deserve a bigger audience. Did I tell you about the singer Mylene Farmer? She’s good.

    1. It certainly was a strange month, what with that really hot weather one week then the following week the heating had to go back on!
      Le Havre would be a relatively easy one for you to do on the overnight ferry from Portsmouth.
      I always think the thought of going to the dentist is always worse than actually going, anyway I’m impressed that you’ve still got you’re own teeth!
      Is the Dawes electric?
      Can’t say that I know any of Mylene Farmer’s songs, I did Google them but I never recognised any!

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