April 2020 Update

Garry McGivern’s April 2020 update. It’s now week six of lockdown, and for obvious reasons, not a lot has happened! Even though I’ve not been working for some time prior to this lockdown. You would have thought that I would be used to sitting around at home, I’m not! I’d always be out somewhere, either on my bike or down the pub, and very rarely home! But we all have to do our bit. And as you’d expect when your not allowed to go anywhere the weathers been superb!

Looking back to this time last year, I’d already been touring to the New Forest, Isle of Wight and France. And was wondering where I could go to next! In fact, this will be the first April since 2014, that I’ve not been anywhere! And the only reason I hadn’t gone anywhere then was because I was recovering from back surgery!

Shop window
One of the busier businesses at the moment!? Showing support for the NHS.
Keeping Busy

To keep myself busy and occupied, I’ve been prating around making videos! Apart from the videos I’ve uploaded to Twitter and Facebook. I’ve also put some of my first tours that were only on photographs onto video. And if this lockdown goes on for too long, I’ll end up putting all my pictures on video!

Beach sea
A quiet Bognor seafront

Usually, I would be cooking a lot. But I’m not allowed to go shopping. And with limited supplies in them anyway, that’s a bit of a no goer! Anyway, talk about bad timing, my oven blew up at the beginning of the month!

Other News and Musings

Because I can’t just pop to the shops whenever I want, I’ve started to ration my beer and only drink at the weekends! Trouble is, my weekends start on a Wednesday and finish on a Monday!

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks, the number of people that usually drive everywhere who are now walking or cycling! Which is obviously good, and I have a theory that fat people will get fitter! But fitter people will get fatter, due to their limitations on exercise!

Shop window
Another business supporting the NHS

Personally, I don’t go out walking anymore, I just stick to the cycling. I find it hard to keep to social distancing rules while walking, mainly because people are ignorant! Or too busy looking at their phones! But on the bike it’s fine, I ride on the road and avoid all cycle paths and twittens. Although I do find it hard to just go out for the sack of it and don’t tend to go out every day. But if you were to ask me to, say take some sausages to Scotland, I’d gladly do it! Not that I’d be allowed to at the moment, but you know what I mean!

Stay safe, everyone!

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4 Replies to “April 2020 Update”

  1. That’s it! Everyone has dusted their bikes in the shed and now they’re cluttering up the cycle paths. Whole families!
    You could do virtual tours on youtube – even watch your own videos. he he. I cycle to Island Harbour but everything is shut down. Show me the way to the next cup of coffee! The funeral parlour – nice one!

    1. Haha, bah humbug! It suits me to a degree, I don’t mind cycling on the road. And they give me a good excuse #Socialdistancing
      I’m not that bored yet! Glad to see you’re still getting out, let’s hope they open up soon, for you! I’d prefer the pubs opened up! But by the sounds of things that’s not going to happen until at least Christmas! I’ll be pulling my hair out by then, and there’s a lot of it at the moment!!
      Stay safe.

  2. Hi Garry.yes cabin fever is setting in… I’m a similar situation to you live on my own I’ve managed with a small kitchen top oven for years on my second one now inexpensive and quick n easy to use may be worth considering…..I get a supermarket online shop delivery actually I tag it on to my daughter s shop and collect from her house she put outside the door at the moment under social distance rules..cheers 👍

    1. I was offered a countertop oven by a friend, but I’ll wait, I’m sure I won’t starve!
      Getting an online order is a nightmare, although, thankfully I’ve been okay so far. I get the odd online shop which is then topped up by Vicky and Julie. Stay safe

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