Garry McGivern’s August-2016 Update

Garry McGivern’s regular monthly update for August-2016. The month started off with Julie on holiday, so I decided to take a few days off work as well so we could do something.

Initially, we were going to ride the bikes to the Isle of Wight, but as per normal, the weather changed. It became very unsettled with strong winds and rain showers. So we looked at getting a cheap break abroad somewhere, but at this time of the year, there’s no chance! So, not really knowing what to do, we went to London for the day and ended up in Camden Town. What a surprise that was. I’ve never really been there before I’d only ever passed through it. I thought it was an absolutely brilliant place.

The Camden Lock sign
The Camden Lock sign

The market area reminded me of a combination of the souks in Marrakech and Luang Prabang in Laos, where there was a narrow alley lined with food stalls and communal tables to sit and eat. Admittedly, there weren’t as many food stalls. And the communal tables weren’t all crammed along a narrow alley but Camden still had the same sort of feeling about it!

Both Julie and I really loved the place, and we will definitely return! It’s always good to find somewhere new that you’ve never been to before. Especially when it’s in an area that you go to frequently!

Now Where

After our day in Camden and with the weather still not very good. We loaded up the car and set off to Cambridge for a couple of nights again somewhere that I’ve only ever passed through in the past.

Kings college Cambridge
Kings College Cambridge

We found a lovely campsite just on the outskirts of the city in a place called Trumpington, which to me has a really nice sound to it. A jolly sound, Trumpington! Maybe I’ll retire there. I like the sound of the name so much!

From our base in Trumpington, we had excellent access to the city via cycle routes. There were two very good routes one that followed the side of the road. The other was a cycle superhighway completely free from traffic.

What a charming and delightful city Cambridge is, with all the different campuses of the university and the river Cam running around it.

Apart from the university, Cambridge is also famous for the punts that ply the river Cam, so we decided to do the tourist thing and took a trip on one with a young girl called Grace as our guide, who was very young indeed. But she was really knowledgeable and informative about the different colleges that lined the banks of the river Cam. She also gave us some of their history. Although her punting skills were a bit debatable as we managed to have a head on crash with another punt at one point! But no harm was done, and poor Grace couldn’t apologise enough!

Girl punting on a river
Grace, our tour guide

Originally, we had planned to go home on the Friday. But not really having any real reason to head home. We decided to stay for another day and went for a lovely bike ride up along the river Cam. Heading away from Cambridge to a place called Waterbeach where we sat and had a spot of lunch at a pub before making our way back to the campsite at Trumpington!

Along the river Cam
Along the river Cam

Saturday morning came, and once again, we decided to stop for another night. Although this was a lazy day, well, for Julie anyway. She was happy to hang around the campsite reading her book. Whilst I was chomping at the bit. And had to go out for a ride!

A Fellow Cyclist

The previous night, when we arrived back at the tent, there was another tent next to ours with a bike outside, which obviously got me all excited. A fellow tourer, I thought, and sure enough, it was! So, of course, I had to go and have a chat. Her name was Jessica, and she was cycling to Germany. It was really good to talk to her and listen to all the enthusiasm and expectations she had for her trip.

The rest of the month has been spent with me working all the time and no chance of being able to go away on a tour. Next month is also fully booked out with work. But at least I’ve got my daughter’s wedding on the 16th of the month. Speaking of that, I suppose I’d better get on and write that father-of-the-bride speech!

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