August 2017 Update

August has been another busy month with a day out sailing trip, loads of days out and a broken bone!


Well, the month got off to an excellent start with a boys day out sailing to the Isle of Wight. Although we never actually made it! It was a bit too windy! Because of the wind we just had a sail around Chichester harbour for a few hours before mooring up off East head beach where we ate our sandwiches and drank beer! After lunch, the wind eased off, so we decided to venture out into the Solent to see what it was like! It was still a bit too rough for us, so after having a bit of a bobble around in the waves, we headed back into the calm of the harbour and sailed around there.

Men in a boat
At the start of the day

Julie had a weeks holiday, so I took the week off as well. We had intended to go camping for a few days, but in the end and for several reasons, we decided not to go and just went out for days. One of the reasons for not going away was that on the day (Sunday) we had intended to go away on, the weather was just too beautiful, and I didn’t fancy sitting in a car for a few hours trying to get somewhere!


After deciding not to go away, we got on the bikes and cycled the nine miles to Arundel and spent the afternoon milling around shops and bars. Or rather Julie did the shops and I did the bars!

Arundel high street
Queen street Arundel

We didn’t do very much today (Monday) as I spent the morning at the doctors! Which was the other reason for not going away! I’d been feeling unwell for the past couple of weeks, and things didn’t seem to be getting any better. I kept feeling hot, my skin was all clammy, I was short of breath, had a chesty cough, was feeling confused (nothing new there!) and just generally felt unwell. The doctors were excellent and gave me a thorough examination. In fact so thorough that after the first doctor had done her examination, she got another doctor to examine me for a second opinion! Surprisingly or not after all their tests they didn’t know what was wrong with me! They did give me some antibiotics for my chest though!


After spending the morning at the doctors, we decided to stay local and drove to the historic village of Bosham for a wander round and a late pub lunch.

The pretty village of Bosham

Our second day out was a cycle ride to Brighton. We initially got the train to Worthing then cycled the remaining 12 miles along the seafront into Brighton. Once there we parked the bikes up had lunch and sat outside a bar, drinking and people watching for a few hours. Later on in the day, Julie had to have the obligatory trip to the shops, which suited me fine I just went and sat outside a different pub! After having supper, we caught the train home and got indoors at around 10.30.

Brighton seafront
Brighton seafront
Portsmouth and Gosport

On Wednesday we headed in the opposite direction and went to Portsmouth to see the new aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth.”

Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier
The new aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth
At home

Thursday was a day at home pottering around.

Hospital and farmers market

Well, at least the week finished the way it started with me being in the care of the medical establishment! I somehow managed to break my thumb! Well, I think I know! The day before I fell off my bike (don’t ask how!) anyway I knew that I’d grazed my other hand and thought that was it. It was while sitting having breakfast the following morning that I noticed just how swollen my thumb was! And it was getting blacker and blacker! When nurse Julie saw it, she decided that I needed a trip to the A&E department to get it checked out. After being assessed and x-rayed, the doctor told me that I had broken it! It wasn’t a bad break as it was at the top and not on any of the joints and should heal in six to nine weeks!

Broken thumb
Garry’s blackened thumb
East street Chichester
The farmers market in East Street Chichester

I found a new app for my phone which enables me to make videos, so I’ve been having a bit of fun with that. Here’s a link to one of the videos that I uploaded to my Facebook Page.

 Rest of the month

The rest of the month has been spent working the same as most of the summer has been! I can’t believe that the summers over and I’ve not been away on any tours!, Hopefully, Autumn will be nice, work will ease off a bit and I’ll manage to get away!

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2 Replies to “August 2017 Update”

  1. Thank goodness you’re back on the bike. That thumb could have been a lot worse. Thumbs down to anti biotics. Are you done with the big rides?

    1. Certainly not done with the big tours! I just don’t seem to have had any time this year, what with work and different bits, I’ve not even managed any small tours!
      Hopefully now summers over with I’ll have a bit more time and manage to get away, you never know I might even manage to get away on a biggish tour!!

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