August-2022 Bicycle-Tour Video; Episode-1

25th August-2022 Garry McGivern’s European bicycle-tour video; episode-1. Bognor Regis to Portsmouth. It’s late August, and Garry’s hip is healing well after his fourth operation in twelve months. Although the infection that caused all his problems in the first place is a different story!

It’s been a long time coming, what with all the complications and restrictions of Covid-19, but finally, Garry’s off to France. The first time he’s travelled abroad since 2019. In this episode, Garry’s cycling the usual route from his home in Bognor Regis to Portsmouth. Once in Portsmouth, he’ll catch the night ferry to Saint-Malo.

It’s only a brief video as Garry describes his plans for this tour. You can either watch the video below or on Garry’s YouTube channel. Either way, it won’t make it any more enjoyable!

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Bicycle-Tour Video; Episode-1 August-2022

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