Bicycle-Touring 16th June 2021

Bicycle-Touring 16th June 2021. Langton Matravers to Salisbury. 51 miles.

I was woken up extremely early this morning by the dawn chorus. Which is lovely to hear, just not that early! I think there must have been one bird sat on top of my tent, twittering away! It was so loud!


I know I’ve mentioned it before but, the roads are ridiculously busy! I really can’t believe how bad they are, it’s just car after car! But once I was past the outskirts of Poole, I picked up a nice off road cycle route. NCN25 I think it was. But as you’d expect it soon ended and I was back on the road.

Cycling along on NCN25

After finding the road too busy, even for my liking! I decided to follow the route on my phone. Which was great, I was back on quiet country lane’s. That was until it decided to send me down a bridleway! And from my experience they’re not the place you want to be cycling! Not with a fully loaded touring bike!


Giving up on my phone I found myself back at the main road! Which to my surprise was relatively quiet, and took me all the way to Salisbury!

I’ve decided to stay out until Friday, despite the bad weather forecast and the fact that I brought the one tent I have that isn’t waterproof!

Wet floor
This was this morning, and it hadn’t even rained!

If I’ve worked things out right, and forecast is correct, I should avoid the majority of the storms during the day. And just hope I can stay dry through the night!

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  1. Well, Wiltshire is a lovely county. Apparently there is a big demand for second hand cars and bicycles. All my riverside rides are plagued with tuggoe cyclists and scooter yobs. Still, your back on the road and that takes some beating.

    1. We always forget what a lovely country we have.
      Some people just need to get a life!
      I nearly came across to see you today, but after seeing the weather forecast, gave it a miss!

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