Bicycle-Touring 17th June 2021

Bicycle-Touring 17th June 2021. Salisbury to Bognor Regis. 81 miles.

Salisbury Cathedral

As you can see I’ve come home! It was a good ride from Salisbury to Southampton, and I was on the outskirts of Southampton by about 10 o’clock. But not in the part of Southampton that I thought I would be! I thought I would have arrived at a more central location! Instead I was further west and on the route I take to the New Forest.

After realising that the New Forest was only 10-miles away, I wondered about going back there. But as it was only 10-miles away. what would I do for the rest of the day! And besides the weather forecast for the New Forest for tonight and tomorrow is atrocious!

Country lane
Quiet country roads this morning

No I’m going to the Isle of Wight. At least then I’ll have done a half decent days cycle. I could also catch up with my mate Malcolm.

After reaching the ferry terminal, I thought I’d just check the weather forecast one more time. Disappointingly it was just as bad, if not worse than the New Forest!

Container ship
Container ship in Southampton docks

I ummed and ahhed whether I should go to the Isle of Wight or not! But in the end I decided to leave it and come home. Especially as the tent I’ve brought on this trip leaks like a sieve!

Pink Ferry
The Pink ferry

As predicted the weather turned, and I was caught by the rain 12-miles from home! But at least when you know your heading home it doesn’t matter how wet you get.

The rain poured out of the sky, which made me quite happy! Thinking that I’d made the right choice by returning home! Hopefully it’ll be wet overnight and tomorrow morning, to really vindicate my decision!

Cormorant at Titchfield Haven

Despite the wet end to the week it’s been great few days. And I’ve really enjoyed being back on the road, even if it’s only been to familiar places that I’ve ridden to a thousand times before! Hopefully, I’ll be back out on the bike in the not too distant future!

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5 Replies to “Bicycle-Touring 17th June 2021”

  1. Always good to see you on a fine day. he he. New Forest roads don’t do much for me except round Brockenhurst. That was a lovely photo of the Cormorant. Well your doing all that while I’m sitting in the Square drinking coffee. We’ve got a posh cycle shop in Newport. Bikes cost up to a thousand pounds. I went in and asked for a cap for my presta valve. He gave me one free.

    1. Hopefully, I’ll make it over at some point this year.
      I think they should ban cars from the New Forest and the Isle of Wight! Apart from residents, that’ll sort the traffic out!
      A thousand pounds is pretty cheap by today’s standards! It’s always good to get something for nothing!

  2. Good decision Gary, we left the Isle of Wight for exactly the same reason and are now safely tucked up in a hotel before slowly making our way back up to beyond Whitby.
    May your rides be dry !

    1. Definitely, the right decision, looking at the weather today!
      I hope you enjoyed the Isle of Wight and have an enjoyable trip home.
      Stay safe and keep peddling

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