Bicycle-Touring 23rd June 2021

Bicycle-Touring 23rd June 2021. Bognor Regis to Brockenhurst (again) 63 miles.

Well, that was another pleasant ride down. Although I did find it a little boring! As it was only last week that I’d done the same trip! And there’s not much in the way that I can vary it.

Landing craft
The newest display at the D-Day museum in Southsea

I did consider avoiding the Gosport ferry and taking the top road, through Fareham. But that route is all on busy A roads and with the roads the way they are at the moment. I decided I’d rather be bored and cycle the quieter route!

Pub by water
The Still & West pub viewed from the Gosport ferry

I was intending to come away yesterday, but it was raining! And seeing as I’m a fair-weather cyclist these days, stayed at home!

Bicycle-Touring 23rd June 2021
Passepartout on the Pink ferry

Good news on the hip front, sort of! I had my preoperative assessment on Monday, which was all okay, as far as I know. Not that any of it means anything! But at least they’ve not forgotten me!

Tree and ferns
The view from my tent tonight

Not too sure where I’ll head tomorrow, I’ll have a think about it overnight.

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3 Replies to “Bicycle-Touring 23rd June 2021”

  1. Well, the pink ferry isn’t boring. I’ll bet it lists to one side when you get all your gear on. You’re a maverick. You never did join the Cyclists Touring Club. he he.
    I’ve had a sore hip. I’ve been trying all the exercises on YouTube. Fortunately it clears after I’ve walked into Newport.
    Didn’t you fail the last pre-op assessment?

    1. It doesn’t list quite as much as it use too!
      Don’t like being in clubs, I prefer to be individual!
      It’s good that your pain clears after walking. I have the same thing with cycling. It just takes me around 2000 miles though!
      I did fail my last pre-op, because of an open wound! But hopefully this time everything is okay!

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