Bicycle-Touring 8th November 2021

Bicycle-Touring 8th November 2021. Bognor Regis to Christchurch. 73 miles. Well, this is a bit of a surprise! Although I did set off from home with the intention of going away, but not really expecting to get anywhere!

After reaching Portsmouth I had my normal dilemma! Which way now! Isle of Wight, New Forest or cycle back home!

Bicycle front wheel
Taking a break in Lee-on-Solent

In the end, I decided to continue on to Southampton with the intention of getting the train home. But after arriving in Southampton I did my normal thing of, well I’ve come this far I’ll just keep going! I remember back in the day when I was on my World tour. I was in Indonesia and had already cycled a tough 80 miles and contemplated cycling another 60 miles to get to where I wanted to be! I didn’t I hasten to add!

Anyway back to today. After Southampton, I continued on to Brockenhurst, which also came and went! In the end, I’ve ended in Christchurch, where I had originally hoped to reach! I’m knackered and not entirely sure how I’m going to get home tomorrow! Although I don’t have to be home until Thursday, so I may go to the Isle of Wight tomorrow.

Time to relax, safe and sound in a hotel

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