Bicycle-Tours By Country Map

This Google map shows Garry’s bicycle-tours country by country. Behind each marker, there are links to the ride/rides Garry has had in that country. Just click on the bubble to view.

More markers will (hopefully) be added as and when Garry completes a new tour. And looking at the map, there’s still plenty of the world to explore by bicycle!

You can also view Garry’s rides on the previous bicycle tours page, where tours are listed in year order.

Bicycle-Tours By Country Map

To see where Garry is at the moment, visit the where’s Garry web page. You can also follow Garry on social media Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. If you’re interested in any of Garry’s previous rides, they can all be found on the previous bicycle tours page. There is also a page with a map showing all the countries Garry has cycled in or across. With links to each tour.

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3 Replies to “Bicycle-Tours By Country Map”

  1. Hi Garry! That was a useful post. I didn’t realise there was such a cluster. You have that trusty renovated Brook’s saddle but you can’t kid me you haven’t suffered from saddle soreness at some time. he he.

    1. You’re right about the cluster in Europe, although I suppose it would always be that way, there are so many countries in such a small area! And if you think about it, most of Europe fits into Australia, which is only one country!
      It just shows to me how much of the World I’ve still got to ride!
      Italy, I remember getting a blister on my bum on that tour! But that’s about it, I think! My Brooks saddle has been very comfortable over the years. And let’s hope it still is, and it hasn’t perished through lack of use over this Coronavirus pandemic period! Although I can’t see myself going too far this year either! Hopefully, I’ll make it to the Isle of Wight, though!

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