Bike-Ride To Adgestone 11th-May-2022

Wednesday 11th-May-2022 bike-ride Brighstone to Adgestone. 18 miles. The days go from strength to strength. Not! Even fewer miles today, but then I was never going to do too many today anyway.

I did wonder about staying at Grange Farm for another night. But the wind was forecast to get even stronger than it had been, along with rain. It’s not a particularly sheltered campsite there on the cliff’s edge. And I’m not in the most waterproof tent. I’m in my MSR. Besides, I would have only got bored if I’d stayed.

Path trees and colourful toy animal
Some of the wildlife is very interesting on the island these days!

I was going to head for Newport and see my old mate Malcolm. But that hill out of Shorwell put me off again. Instead, I cycled along the old Isle of Wight cycle route, which we used back in the day. I knew there was still a bit of a hill on that route, but at least it wasn’t as long as the Shorwell hill. And this hill was on quieter roads so that I could weave all over the place.

Those hills really do hurt. Cycling along the flat I’m okay (isn’t everybody?!?) But hills aren’t good. I now know how everybody used to feel. I’ve never been a great one for riding up hills. And I’d always prefer to cycle a few extra miles to avoid a climb. But on the Isle of Wight, there’s no avoiding them. I think I’ll have to go cycling in The Netherlands.

Great timing today; I made it to the campsite at Adgestone and managed to pitch my tent just before the wind and rain came. Or rather windier weather, there’s been a strong wind all day.

I’m not too sure what I’m doing tomorrow. It all depends on the direction of the wind. And how much medication I have left!

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