Bike-Ride to Australia 13th-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Tuesday 13th-March-2012 Brondong to Problinggo. 115 miles. After deciding not to phone that telephone company last night! My phone’s still not working. I sat talking to the resort manager for most of the night and didn’t have time. Maybe I’ll try phoning them tonight!

Wall and flags
Where’s the beach

I seem to have got into the habit of not stopping for a break the entire day! The only time I stop is to top up on fluids, which on the one hand, is pretty good. It means I can cover plenty of miles and still finish at a reasonable time. The downside is I end the day starving and knackered! It has been easy riding, though. Had it been hilly, it may have been a different story!

Another good ride today, despite a few showers and hopefully, I’m on target to reach Denpasar on Thursday night. I need to cycle another 100 miles plus tomorrow and get to Ketapang, where the ferry to Bali leaves. That then only leaves me sixty or so miles to ride on Thursday, and I’ll reach Denpasar by the evening! That’s providing it stays flat, and there are no big hills.

I found a nice western-style restaurant tonight and ordered the T bone steak and french fries. What a disappointment, there were about ten chips and as for the steak. Tesco’s wafer-thin ham is thicker! I know the cows over here are a bit lean, but really! It all tasted very nice, though. What there was of it! And after 115 miles, I was still hungry and had to order chicken and chips to fill myself up!

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