Bike-Ride to Australia 16th-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Friday 16th-March-2012. In Denpasar. The day got off to a good start, with the most English breakfast I’ve had in months. I had sausage, bacon and eggs with toast and marmalade. After breakfast, I found a box for my bike, in the first shop I went in! And I quickly found some bubble wrap after that, a very productive morning.

Ganesh statue
The Hindu god Ganesh is all over the place

The bike was so dirty I thought I’d better clean it before packing it away. I didn’t have any means of doing it myself, so I took it to the local car wash and left it with them to do! And what an excellent job they did too. And it only cost me fifty pence!

After lunch, I started to dismantle the bike, ready for packing away. But one of the two alan bolts that keep the handlebars straight had sheared. There was no way I would get that out without cutting it. So I borrowed a saw from the hotel and sawed it off. I’ll have to sort it out when I get to Australia.

It was late afternoon when I’d finished packing my bike away. But it was one job out of the way and probably the one I was most worried about. I thought now might be a good time to phone that mobile phone company! They’re now telling me that customer service is outsourced to a different company, and it’s not actually Vodaphone that I’ve been talking to! That’s when my stress started! But on the bright side, my phone seems to be working, but I think I may have been here before!

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