Bike-Ride to Australia 23rd-April-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Monday 23rd-April-2012. In Sydney. Everything seems to be breaking. I couldn’t turn my notebook on last night, and it still wouldn’t work this morning. The wifi on my phone stopped working. And some of my clothes that have been at the bottom of my pannier have gone mouldy! Although that’s my fault for not emptying my pannier when that can of beer burst a couple of weeks ago.

Bridge over water
Yikes! I’ll be climbing that tomorrow

I’ve spent the best part of today sorting out things. I got some new tyres and rear light for the bike. The phone has been fixed, so it now picks up wifi, and my laptop has gone in for repair. (I hope they can repair it) And jenny put my clothes in the washing machine, which I think might be the first time since leaving England! Don’t panic. They have still been washed, only by hand.

For lunch, we went to an RSL club which stands for Returns Service League. Basically, they’re big social clubs where you can get a drink, something to eat and play poker machines. It costs five dollars for a year’s membership, but it’s free admission for a guest like me from out of the area. The drinks and food are also a lot cheaper. We had an eat as much as you like buffet, for twelve dollars each.

It’s worked out pretty well doing all these boring bits today, as it’s been raining for much of the day. Tomorrow I’m off to play the tourist and climb the Harbour Bridge. A productive day.

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