Bike-Ride to Australia 29th-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Thursday 29th-March-2012 Fraser Range to Balladonia. 56 miles. I’m so glad I stopped yesterday when I did. It meant I had another short ride today. I was at the Balladonia roadhouse by one o’clock. But what a contrast in price between last night and tonight. I know I can’t compare accommodation prices, as I’ve got a room tonight, but I can compare beer prices!

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It’s me

Last night’s beer was $4, which is a bit expensive for a can, but I was in the middle of nowhere, and the owners still had to get it there. Tonight’s or rather this afternoon’s beer was still in a can, and it cost me $8, which I really begrudged paying! The manager (yes, I know he was the manager some of the staff told me) was a right jobsworth.

As I said, I arrived just before one o’clock, but Mr Jobsworth wouldn’t let me check in until two o’clock. Despite him taking my money and the room being ready! But at least I could sit in the bar and use the internet, for a price! Ten dollars old jobsworth charged me, although one of the girls who worked here later gave it back to me. It was ridiculously slow and took me all afternoon to download my emails. But I’m in the middle of the Nullabor with the internet, no phone signal though!

Exciting day ahead tomorrow. According to my map, I’ve got to cycle Australia’s longest stretch of straight road. 146km or 90 miles of dead straight road! I hope I don’t have a headwind!

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