Bike-Ride to Australia 3rd-April-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Tuesday 3rd-April-2012 Border Village to Nullarbor. 116 miles. Flies and sun! the flies have been awful today, although I have worked out how to get rid of them now. If I ride at 18 mph or more, they don’t seem to be able to keep up with me. The trouble is, I can’t keep that pace up for long. Even though I now look like some keeno cyclist. The sun has been pretty intense today, and there’s absolutely no shade anywhere. Not that’s it’s worth stopping. I just get swarmed by flies.

Water and cliffs
The Great Australian Bight

The beginning of the ride today was pretty cool riding along the coast on top of the cliffs. There were some pretty big waves and the sea was a lovely blue colour. I could see for miles. While cycling today, I noticed a cave marked on my map. Nothing special, you might think, and I wasn’t going to see it. I was just intrigued by its name, “Koomooloobooka.” There’s another cave marked on my map called “Disappointment Cave.” That’ll be a letdown then!!

I don’t think much of the roadhouse tonight. It is very expensive. Normally I can fill up my water bottles from the tap in the toilets, not here! They make you buy bottled water at six dollars a bottle! And the pitches for tents are miles away from anything, including the toilet block. I might not make it in time. They’re so far away. It feels like I’m camping in the bush tonight!

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