Bike-Ride to Australia 6th-February-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Monday 6th-February-2012 Lang Suan to Wiang Sa. 101 miles. I might have to start wearing long sleeves and a hat! It doesn’t seem to matter how much sunscreen I put on. It’s just not working. I just sweat it all off after half an hour or so. I’m looking rather red and feeling a little sore tonight! In sharp comparison to back home, apparently, they’re suffering from sub-zero conditions and snow! I think I know where I’d rather be. Snow would be a nightmare for me. Despite the hot conditions, I’ve still managed to cycle over 100 miles today, just!

Tree with hut behind
These shelters are placed alongside all the roads. They make for a nice shady spot to rest.

It’s quite amusing watching people get out of their vehicles in this part of the World. They all drive Toyota Hilux pickups which aren’t exactly small. Yet the Thai people aren’t the biggest of people. And they all look to be struggling getting in and out. Maybe they should carry a ladder!

Tonight’s supper was rather hot. It was some sort of soup, very tasty but, boy, was it hot! Not only have I spent all day sweating, but now I’m sweating over my supper. It was pouring off me, just as it had been all day! But I managed to get through it. Even the chef was impressed! Personally, I think it was a ploy on their part to get me to buy more beer, ha! They don’t know me. I don’t need an excuse!

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