Bike-Ride to Australia 7th-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Wednesday 7th-March-2012. Jakarta to Pamanukan. 85 miles. The traffic was still bad this morning, but at least I knew what direction to head. Although I still struggled to make much progress. The traffic was so tightly packed, I couldn’t just nip in and out.

Eventually, the traffic eased after five hours, and the roads quietened down. Finally, maybe I could stop for something to eat. It also enabled me to check which way to go, as this would be my turning point. I’d just pulled into a café car park when I got a puncture! It’s my first one since Malaysia, so I can’t complain. But whatever had given me this puncture, certainly done a good job. I had two. Whatever it was went in one side and came out the other! I fixed the punctures, loaded the bike up and set off. And forgot to get anything to eat!

Wet shorts
It’s not a good look

I think I may have cured my problem of looking as if I’ve wet myself all the time. I’ve gone commando. My shorts still get wet, but the sweat dries a lot quicker with no pants on. I’ve just got to be careful when going to the toilet. I don’t want to catch the little fella in my fly!

I had to make a hasty escape from the restaurant tonight. There was a bloke who kept asking me for my room number! I know I’ve been on my own for a while now, but things aren’t that bad!

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