Bike-Ride to Australia 8th-May-2012

Garry McGivern’s bike-ride to Australia Tuesday 8th-May-2012. In Brisbane. A day around the house, sorting odd bits out, I also went to the dentist. One of my dental implants had worked itself loose. It must have been all that shaking on the bike.

House with colums
Zoe and Errol’s house

Zoe had rung her dentist and managed to get me in straight away. Luckily it just needed tightening up and re-fixing. It was all pain-free, that was until I received the bill. $200, ouch!

I’ve managed to find a bike shop that could service my bike today. I’m not flying home after all. I’m going to cycle home! Zoe and I also managed to source packaging for my bike and panniers.

This afternoon, I had a little play on Zoe and Errol’s tennis court and managed to hit the ball out of the court. It had gone into the bush behind the court. So off I went to retrieve it. The bush consisted of long dry grass and rotting trees that had fallen over. After looking around for a while, I suddenly thought, this is ideal ground for snakes to hide in! And I was just in shorts and sandals. I kept an even closer eye on the ground with the thought of snakes. And then nearly walked into a giant spider’s web, with a big brown and yellow spider sitting in the middle! Luckily I soon found the ball and got out of there pretty quickly!

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