Bike-Ride to Australia 9th-April-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Monday 9th-April-2012 Kimba to Port Augusta. 98 miles. Hard ride today. There’s been a strong wind throughout the day. For the first forty miles, the wind was in my favour helping me along. But when I changed direction, the wind changed as well. And it was now blowing across me.

Three boarded sign
The sign in Kimba this morning

The side wind was worse than a headwind in some respects. It was blowing so hard I was leaning into the wind to stay upright. But every time a road train came past, I would nearly fall off! I usually hear trucks and road trains coming and can brace myself, but not in this wind. I couldn’t hear a thing. After nearly falling off a few times, I took to just slamming my brakes on and stopping.

With all this wind today. I’ve got windburn on my face and have now got panda eyes! Although I don’t know why it’s called panda eyes, pandas have black eyes. I’ve got white eyes. Or is it just me that says panda eyes? Anyway, I’m sure you get the gist of what I’m saying. My eyes are a lot whiter than my face. I was glad to finish tonight.

I’m also back in the land of the living! I’ve got a phone signal. My phone started pinging just as I was coming up to Iron Knob! Don’t ask me. They have some strange names, but I suppose we do in the UK.

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