Bike-Ride to Australia 9th-May-2012

Garry McGivern’s bike-ride to Australia Wednesday 9th-May-2012. In Brisbane. A boy’s day out today. Zoe had injured her foot earlier in the month, which was now playing her up after yesterday’s walking. So she decided to stay at home, leaving Errol and me on our own today.

Beach and sea
The beach at Burleigh Head

Firstly we went to a map shop so that I could get some maps for my route home. After getting my maps, we headed down to the Gold Coast, where we found a restaurant that looked out over the beach. We sat there for a couple of hours, eating lunch and looking at the scenery, which was mainly the pretty girls on the beach!

On the way back to Brisbane, we went to a pie shop to get a pie for supper. While in the shop, I saw a sign saying matchsticks for sale. Well, I had to ask what they were. A pie shop selling matchsticks? The girl behind the counter said they were small puff pastry stripes with jam and cream on, so we ordered three of them. Well, if they were small, then I don’t drink! They were huge! They were about six inches long by three inches wide and three inches deep. If the girl in the shop thought they were small, I can’t imagine what she thought was big. Mind you, she wasn’t exactly anorexic! They were nice.

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