America, Cycling The World 16th May 2012

Garry McGivern is in America cycling around the world on Wednesday, May 16th 2012, in San Francisco. Late start today. I didn’t wake up until ten o’clock. My lack of sleep yesterday seems to have caught up with me. But hopefully, I’m all caught up now.

Winding street with hedges
Lombard Street

Once I was up, I went to find some maps and some gas for my camping stove. It took a lot of walking and searching, but eventually, I managed to source both items.

I visited Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf and saw the sea lions, which apparently only appeared after the earthquake in 1989. Fisherman’s Wharf itself felt like a theme park, with loads of themed shops. I enjoyed the sea lions, though, watching them basking in the sun. I also saw that you could get a boat over to  Alcatraz, which I might go over to tomorrow. I also went to Lombard Street, the most crooked street in the world. I remember that street from when I was young and used to watch “The Streets of San Francisco” (with Carl Malden!) and the “Dirty Harry” films.

An Invite

I got invited out to a Thai buffet tonight. The American lady that I spoke to last night had invited me to join her and her mum. The food was lovely, and the company was excellent, but the restaurant itself was a bit odd. They had a big pool in the middle of the place with a volcano in its centre. And every so often, they had a thunder and lightning effect go off. I think it was to mimic the volcano erupting. It didn’t really work. But as I said, the food was lovely, and the company was good. And I wouldn’t have gone there had I not been invited by Linda and Eva.

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