Bike-Ride To Brighstone 10th-May-2022

Tuesday 10th-May-2022 Brockenhurst to Brighstone Isle of Wight bike-ride. 27 miles. A damp start to the day, which I was hoping to avoid. The weather forecast said the rain was coming in at nine o’clock, they were wrong! I think it started around six o’clock, nothing bad, just enough to be annoying and make the tent wet.

Bike and tent by bench and animals
I hope tonight’s neighbours are quiet

As you can see, I’ve cycled a huge distance today! I’ve been phaffing and dithering about all day as to where I was going. In fact, the only decision I made without changing was to come to the Isle of Wight.

First of all, I was coming to Brighstone. Then I wasn’t. I was going to Newport and making a decision there. But then I ended up at Brighstone, went to the campsite, took a photo, and then left! I got a few miles down the road and changed my mind again! And came back.

The hills on the Isle of Wight had gotten the better of me. Not that I’d had very many. But the few I’ve had have hurt. And to get out of Brighstone, there’s a big hill at Shorwell, which will be better for me on fresh legs.

Sad news at the campsite, my old mate Norman the alpaca had to be put down!

RIP Norman

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