Bike-Ride to Brockenhurst 61 Miles

Well, I’ve finally managed to get away on a bike-ride to Brockenhurst, and I’ve managed to cycle 61 miles. It’s not been easy by any means. But I’m glad I’m here, whether I can get back home though is a different matter!

Ponies in forest
It’s good to see the ponies again

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time. But I’ve either had something on, or I’ve not felt too good. But for some reason, these past few days, I’ve been fine. Walking is still hard and hurts. And getting on and off the bike is painful, so I don’t unless I really have to.

The ride down has been good and I’ve had a nice tailwind, another reason for coming to the New Forest. The wind then switches tomorrow and blows in the opposite direction to blow me home again. Although I am thinking of going to the Isle of Wight, I’ll see tomorrow.

I was talking to a retired couple as I came off the “Pink Ferry” earlier. And the lady said “that I must be a professional with all that gear” “not at the moment” I replied “it’s more a case of all the gear and no idea!”

I did have one issue today. I was just coming up to Southampton when the path was blocked, only for about ten yards. But to get around it, I had to go on the shingle, which became too deep. Causing me to stop abruptly, and because I was caught unaware, I put my bad leg down quite hard to stop myself from falling off. And it hurt!

I continued riding for a bit, but it was just too painful. Luckily though, I bought my Oramorph (morphine) based medicine. And after a dose of that, I felt as good as gold. In fact, I felt so good I flew from Southampton to Brockenhurst and could have easily cycled another twenty miles. Although it’s not so good now the medicine has worn off!

All in all, though, a good day, and I’m glad that I’ve finally been able to get away.

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8 Replies to “Bike-Ride to Brockenhurst 61 Miles”

  1. There is no shame in a training ride Gary. We often enjoy a tail wind ride then takena train home 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you are out on the bike. Enjoy it and good luck getting home (hopefully without the need for super power pills).

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