Bike-Ride To Southbourne 24th-May-2022

Tuesday 24th-May-2022 Bognor Regis to Southbourne via Portsmouth bike-ride. 45 miles. Well, I had intended to go to either the New Forest or the Isle of Wight. But obviously not.

There’s been a strong headwind today, and by the time I’d reached Portsmouth, it was gone midday. And I was pretty worn out. The New Forest seemed a bit too far for me. And I’d just missed the Isle of Wight ferry. As the next one was in an hour, I decided to head home.

Cloudy sky
There’s been a few showers today

I was also worried about venturing too far, as I have to be home on Thursday. Julie’s daughter Hayley is getting married to her boyfriend Adam, which will be good.

I struggled a bit on the ride home, despite having a nice tailwind. And when the campsite at Southbourne came up, I thought, why not. At least I get to spend another night under canvas. And there are only twelve miles to cycle home tomorrow unless I go on a detour!

The Big News

And the other big news of the day. I go into the hospital for my hip operation a week today, which is why I was so eager to get away in the first place. After today, that’s it. I won’t be going anywhere on my bike for two months. Because as I said, Thursday I have a wedding, and Friday I’ve got blood tests. And Saturday, I have to have a covid test and isolate until my operation on Tuesday.

I went to see my consultant Mr Wakeling this morning before I came away. Hence, why I was a bit late getting to Portsmouth. He said that my hip has come loose again, which apparently is a good thing. There’s less chance of them having to break my femur to remove it! He thinks the infection is the cause of the loosening, and there’s nothing to worry about. Really?

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