Bognor-Regis 21st June 2022

Bognor-Regis Tuesday 21st June 2022. Yay, after one new hip and two weeks of antibiotics, they’ve let me go home. As usual, though, it took all day before I eventually got away. What with the doctor not too sure if I’d had my full course of antibiotics. Then I had to wait for my blood test results to come through, which incidentally are very good. My infection markers are down to three. I don’t think they’ve been that low since before 2018. Then finally, the pharmacy, waiting for them to dispense the antibiotics I’ve got to take at home.

It’s good to see my garden hasn’t completely died
I’ve Been Deserted

It was good to get home, although the house was rather smelly. Some idiot left some brie and camembert in the fridge! I’m looking forward to spending a night in my own bed and not having to be woken up to take antibiotics.

I caught the bus home from the hospital, as Julies away on holiday in Devon with her daughters and Vicky’s in France at Disneyland Paris. I did ring for a taxi, but there was an hour wait (probably because the trains are on strike) and if I had any friends I could have phoned them! So I thought I’d catch the bus. I’ve not been on one for years. The last time I caught one was when the handlebars on my pub bike snapped. And I left it in Chichester to be repaired. Only joking about the friends, you know I always like to be Mr Independent.

I’ve now got four weeks before I’m allowed back on my bike, which I was reminded of several times before leaving the hospital. You never know, I might go away hiking instead! Although my sciatica is playing me up now, my hip is fixed, which bizarrely could be a good sign. I don’t recall my sciatica playing up in all my other operations, so it could be a good sign that it’s finally there, even if it is only a temporary hip!

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6 Replies to “Bognor-Regis 21st June 2022”

  1. Hip hip horray 🙂

    Welcome home to stage two of your recovery

    I thought cheese got better with age, yours might even be penicillin by now🙂

    1. It’s good to be home, despite the smell! The cheese is fine. It’s when it starts to crawl out of the fridge. That’s when you need to worry.

  2. Hi good luck from Northern Ireland. Take it easy this time rest for the 4 weeks as ordered then you will have a life time to cycle tour.

  3. Only a temporary hip? I think I missed that in the updates. Glad all is going well and you have been set free.

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