Bognor Seafront Video

Bognor seafront video, a cycle ride along the seafront of Bognor Regis. From West to East.

After all the videos Garry has made over the years! It dawned on him that he’d never actually filmed the whole length. Yes, most of his videos start and finish along the seafront, but he’s never filmed it all.

The video was recorded at the beginning of May when Covid-19 restrictions were still in place. (This is maybe why it’s so quiet.) and Garry was on his way home after cycling up Salterns Way, so he had the camera to hand.

The video starts along the road in the West of Bognor at Marine Park gardens. The road is short-lived, and it’s not long before Garry’s cycling along on the traffic-free prom. As the ride continues, Garry passes along West Bognor before arriving at Bognor’s pier. Which dates back to the 1800s and is, unfortunately, a shadow of its former glory! Just after the pier to the left is what can only be described as a 1970s NCP car park! It is, in fact, the site of a former nightclub and café that burnt down in 2016. It’s good that Bognor has a council that cares what Bognor looks like and is keen to keep its prime areas looking their best!!

Along from the pier, Garry continues past central Bognor and onto Butlins at the East end of the town. Past Butlins it’s onto Felpham, and its seafront cafes, and blue and yellow beach huts. After the beach huts, we pass the private estates of Felpham before the prom runs out and the ride finishes.

It’s only a short ride, less than 3-miles. But Garry always likes to start and finish his rides along the seafront. Whether he’s going that way or not!

Bognor Seafront Video

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  1. Well, that was a lovely ride. All those trees pollarded on the sea front. We didn’t see you riding without all the baggage.

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