Bournemouth Bicycle Ride Video

Bournemouth bicycle ride video, seven miles of traffic-free cycling along the seafront from Southbourne in the East to Poole in the West. The route starts, or at least it does if you’re going East to West in Southbourne.

Immediately as you arrive on the seafront at Southbourne, it looks and feels like you’re cycling abroad somewhere rather than in England with its wide sandy beach! The golden sand from the beach gets blown over the path in parts, making cycling tricky, particularly with Garry’s heavy load!

The route continues with the golden sand on one side and on the other side row upon row of beach huts nestled in the steep cliffs. Some of the beach huts are even two stories high!

As the ride continues, Garry arrives in Boscombe with its Victorian Pier. It’s busy here, with the bars and restaurants that line the route! Past Boscombe Pier, there’s more wide-open beaches, beach huts and cliffs. And one of Garry’s favourite things, not! A land train! You’ll have to watch the video to hear what Garry has to say about that! The sight of the land train then sets Garry off on another rant, this time, it’s about electric scooters! I think Garry needs to take a chill pill!

As Garry calms down, he passes the old funicular railway, connecting the promenade with the clifftop. Unfortunately, it’s currently out of use after a landslip in 2016.

Bournemouth pier comes up quickly, which is surprisingly quiet on the approach. But that’s soon made up for, on the other side, with the busy amusement arcades and kiddy rides. There’s yet more beach huts as Garry passes, Durley Chine, Middle Chine, Alum Chine and Branksome Chine. Once past the Chine’s, it’s Canford Cliffs, then onto Poole and the end of the ride.


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4 Replies to “Bournemouth Bicycle Ride Video”

  1. Nice video. If it were in the US, I would say some people are also riding the train because they are too intoxicated to walk – but maybe it was a little too early in the day for that.

  2. I envied you that ride. It’s the closest you’ll get to heaven – and you didn’t even stop for an ice cream. It must take a lot of work to keep that path clear of sand. (Only one scooter)

    1. You could always get the ferry to Southampton, then a train to Bournemouth. And go yourself! Maybe I edited out the ice cream stop!
      Hat’s off to the council there. I think they have an ongoing battle to keep the sand at bay. I know our prom is a no go area in the winter, but then we have pebbles, not sand!
      I’m sure there was more than one scooter, they’re becoming the bane of life!

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