Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u


Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u rear view
Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u

Garry’s choice of front light is the Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u which arguably has one of the brightest lights, with the widest beams on the market. Although Garry doesn’t ride very much at night, it does come in handy when he gets caught out!

Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u handlebar switch
Handlebar switch
Separate switch

The Lumotec headlight has a convenient handlebar switch, used to switch the light on and off. It is also used to switch between the different light modes of daytime running light, panorama light and floodlight.

There is also a cable coming out of the remote switch. This gives you the ability to charge a phone or almost any other electrical device that has a USB port. That comes in particularly handy when you’re mainly camping and don’t have easy access to electricity.

After three years of trouble-free use, Garry’s Lumotec developed a problem and was unable to charge his phone! Which as we all know is a major problem these days! Considering we all seem to run our lives by them! So Garry got in contact with Busch & Müller who asked him to return it to them.

Unfortunately, Busch & Müller were unable to fix the light. But as a goodwill gesture, they sent Garry a brand new Lumotec light in its place! Thus was despite the old one being over three years old and totally out of any warranty or guarantee! What excellent customer service! It was nice to deal with a decent company.

Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u front view
Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u front view

The new Lumotec is now on Garry’s bike ready for use on his next tour where I think there will have to be a spot of night riding just to give it a try! Although the one thing I know that Garry will be doing! Long before any night riding! That is charging his phone!


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