Tuesday 24th April. Crystal Palace.

I decided not to move anywhere today and just stayed put. I found yesterday’s ride across London, which was only 16-miles very hard and painful, because of my hip! Thinking that this morning after a good night’s sleep it would be ok, obviously it wasn’t! So rather than get the train home and be bored I thought I would just rest up here for the day, then see how it is tomorrow! Quite literally all I’ve done all day is stay in the tent apart from early this morning and for a while this afternoon when I went up to the camp office and spoke with Kay and Rick!

A white dog
Billy the dog

All being well I’ll continue on tomorrow if not I’ll end this ride and get the train home!

Bike in some bushes
Passepartout hiding in the bushes

Last night was a laugh with Kay and Rick along with some lovely red wine consumed!

Monday 23rd April. Bognor Regis to Crystal Palace. 16 miles.

How come whenever I think I have plenty of time I don’t! And it always turns into a rush!

I packed the bike up went to the chemists and got some drops for my eyes. Which incidentally feel a lot better now. Went back home for one last coffee, left home and started to cycle to the railway station to catch the train to London with plenty of time to spare or rather I thought I did! Halfway there I suddenly realised I didn’t!

Typical now I was in a rush! And just to top it all there was a strong headwind!

Train announcement board

When I reached the railway station I was puffing and panting but made it with a couple of minutes to spare, only to discover the train was cancelled!

Dulwich college
Dulwich college

Obviously my day started with a train journey! I’ve come up to London to see Kay and Rick the couple I came to see a few weeks ago, but this time I’m stopping the night, they’ve (not Kay and Rick) the site managers have allowed me to camp this time.

Two people and a dog
Kay, Rick and Billy the dog

My only plan at the moment is to stop here tonight, then tomorrow morning head down to Oxted to see some more friends then I’ll decide after that what I’m going to do.

Sunday 22nd April. Adgestone to Bognor Regis. 34 miles.

What a storm that was last night! I’ve not heard a storm like that for a long time, and I don’t think I’ve been in a tent in that bad a storm, apart from in Spain when I got caught in a mini tornado! One good thing at least I didn’t need my head torch on with all the lightning! Not too sure how long the storm went on for but I remember the rain stopping at around midnight.

Garry McGivern
Cycling along Ryde pier

Very leisurely start to the day, I got up at my normal time of about 6 o’clock, but I didn’t rush to pack away I thought I’d let everything dry out which it didn’t! But it was still good to be lazy!

Looking back along the pier towards Ryde

I caught the Fastcat from the island back to Portsmouth; then it was a nice fast ride home with a good tailwind.

Old crane
Disused crane at the end of Ryde pier

Once home I had a quick couple of pints in the pub before coming home to dry the tent out and wash my clothes ready for the off again tomorrow.

Saturday 21st April. Langton Matravers to Adgestone. 64 miles.

It was a very disturbed sleep last night! All I could hear all night was some poor cow (the four legged type!) mooing all night! I don’t know what was up with it whether or not it was trying to give birth or something, but it was really distressed! Don’t think I’m going to get a lot of sleep tonight either there’s loads of thunder and lightning about!

Corfe Castle
Corfe Castle

Well just for a change I’m on the Isle of Wight! Although not at the same campsite.

Two sails bridge
The Two sails bridge at Poole

One of the reasons I keep coming back here apart from liking the place is because my hip and leg are so bad I don’t have much confidence in going too far! I’m fine if nothing goes wrong, just about! But if I had a puncture or I had to change a tyre it would be a major effort for me! Putting the tent up is bad enough! But saying that I’m still enjoying myself!

Beach volleyball
Beach volleyball at Boscombe

The ride today was a lot cooler it’s been cloudy nearly all day and the last few miles was in the rain! Luckily it stopped just long enough for me to put the tent up, then the heavens just opened!

Christchurch harbour
Christchurch harbour

The eyes are still bad I’m wondering if I’ve got conjunctivitis, I’ll get them checked out tomorrow as I’m heading home for the night before setting off again on Monday.