Tuesday 24th July. St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester.Still here!

They got me standing again today, all by upper body strength and not my legs! They also got me to have a go at walking, that was so painful and they could see it! I couldn’t move my left leg at all! So they gave up, thankfully!

I think it was after that, they decided send me for CT scan, which never really showed anything up!

CT scanner
CT scanner

After that scan I was moved to the Emergency floor, which was a lot cooler and also had windows! That last ward had know windows at all and no air!

They’re now on about an MRI scan!

I’m also on nil by mouth from midnight tonight!

I’ve had a temperature on and off since I arrived in a&e at the weekend! Today it was 39°! I’m constantly sweating, the bed in the morning was soaked through! And had to be changed every morning!

Apologies if these posts don’t make a lot of sense! I’m pretty spaced out most times, what with my fever and the extra oramorth! They’ve been giving me!

Tuesday 24th July. St Richard’s Hospital Chichester.

A&E ward
A&E Department St Richard’s Hospital Chichester

50hrs ago I was taken to A&E by ambulance, because of my hip! I’m still in a lot pain and will be spending at least one more night here!

The good thing that has come of this, not! I’ve got a rough date for my operation, October at the very earliest!

That was yesterday when I wrote that!

Today they moved me to a different ward, but only briefly!

It’s the Emergency floor! I presume this is to see what ward is best to put me on!

Tuesday 17th July. Southbourne to Bognor Regis. 18 miles.

Seeing as it was the last night of my holiday! I went down to the local pub in Southbourne “The Travellers Joy,” which is right next to the campsite, as I rode past I spotted they were doing a “Plat de jour!” Well seeing as I never made it to France, which was the main aim of this trip, I thought I’ll go for that and pretend I’m in France! And very nice it was to!


While I was packing away this morning the man from the caravan next to me came over for chat. A pleasant man from Kent, anyway he was asking about cycling and the different places that I’d been, the normal stuff which I’m more than happy to talk about!

After we’d been chatting for a while, he said “I came over last night to talk to you, the tent door was unzipped but as as I got closer all I could hear was you snoring! And I thought to myself, there’s a contented man, he’s had a hard days ride, eaten supper then fallen asleep!”

I replied, no, that was a man that had been down the pub and had a few pints!

The ride home was the normal and nothing spectacular, although I did go via Bosham for a change!

Once again I’m not too sure whether this will be last ride before I go into hospital, I was hoping that when I got home there would be a letter waiting for me, giving me a date to go in, but there wasn’t and the wait continues!

Big blisters on the back of hands
The two rather large blisters that have come up on my hands

I can’t remember whether or not I’ve mentioned about the blister that have come up on my hands! Whether or not I have or haven’t I’ll go to the doctors tomorrow to get them checked out!

Boat in Bosham channel
The top of the Bosham channel

Don’t forget that I now film my trips which are available to watch on my YouTube channel, although I’m a bit slow at putting them up! And they may not be on there for a month or two! The best way to find out when they’re out is by subscribing to my channel.

Monday 16th July. Adgestone to Southbourne. 29 miles.

Lasts night’s entertainment was watching some woman who’d had just a little bit too much to drink! Trying to pack away her caravan it was hilarious, especially when she was trying to get a couple of chairs into the front cubby hole of the caravan, she must have been trying for a good half hour! Putting them in this way then that, then that way again, when she eventually got them in I was going to cheer, but I thought best not!


It was another late start this morning, but it didn’t matter as I didn’t have far to go! (In the end it turned out a bit less!)

Boats in a harbour
St Helens harbour

After leaving the campsite I decided to go the long way back to Ryde and went via Benbridge and Seaview, which took me around the coast, rather than directly along the roads to Ryde.

After getting the Fastcat back to Portsmouth, I was going to go straight home, but seeing as the weather is still good and while I’m on the road, I’d just as well stay out!

Looking out to sea
The view from Seaview

I’ve got to go home tomorrow whether I like it or not! I’ve run out of painkillers!

Bike on the prom
Passepartout on Ryde seafront waiting while I had an ice cream

You never know, fingers crossed, when I get home there might be a letter from the hospital giving me a date to go in for my new hip!!