May 2020 Update

Fishermans boat

Good news this month with the lockdown being eased! We’re now allowed to go out for unlimited exercise as many times as we like! With that in mind, I immediately made the most of it by getting out and about on my bike. And in the first three days, I cycled nearly 200 miles! With rides to Brighton, Arundel and Portsmouth.

Arundel cathedral

It was terrific to be able to get out and about on the bike, once more. Although I wasn’t exactly prepared on my first ride to Brighton!! Unfortunately, I’d forgotten to take anything with me! And as I’m not meant and don’t particularly want to go into any shops, I couldn’t buy anything! And what water I had on the bike was at least a year old! A hungry and thirsty ride! But really good to be able to get out. I started to take a packed lunch after that.

One thing I did notice on my rides was just how eerie town centres were! It was strange to be in the centre of Chichester on a Saturday afternoon with nobody around. It’s usually a busy, bustling place, this day there were two people! Very strange! Although there was one busy place, the drive-thru takeaways! They were very busy with all the fatties getting their burger fix that they’d not been able to get for a few weeks!

Teddy bears picnic
Thought this was rather amusing. It was in somebody’s garden
Staying Anonymous

On my ride to Portsmouth, I found a wallet on the road. After picking it up and placing it in my bar bag, I wondered what I should do with it? The only police station I knew of had closed down! And I certainly wasn’t going to ride around trying to find one! But if I came across one, all well and good. If I didn’t find one, I would destroy any cards in there and donate any money to charity, unless it was a lot of money, then I’d hand it in at my police station.

Anyway as I was cycling along Southsea seafront, I spotted two police officers and gave it to them.

“Can I give you this, please? I found it on Eastern road on my way in. I’ve not even looked at it yet, I just put it in my bag” I said

“Certainly sir” she replied, looking inside the wallet. “Would you like us to pass on your name, so they can thank you?”

“No it’s fine, thank you, just say, Garry.”

“Are you sure?” the other police officer asked

“Yes, Garry is fine.”

“What’s this, drugs? The first officer said as she inspected the contents of the wallet!

“Drugs! Really” I said.

“Yep, it certainly looks like it to me” as she proceeded to smell the small bag, that had come out of the wallet.

“I bet you definitely don’t want to give your name now, do you sir.”

“No, definitely not, I’m off, goodbye” and with that, rode off!

Other News

I’ve been busy making more videos using photos from some of my previous trips. Which unfortunately for everybody I’ve not yet published! Something for you all to look forward too!!

Watching the local news the other week, my mate Malcolm from the Isle of Wight suddenly appeared! He’d been stopped by the BBC and asked about the Covid-19 app, they were trialling on the island! Your 15-minutes of fame, Malcolm!

Man by water
Malcolm on TV

On a slightly depressing note, I fear most of the things I like to do will be a long time coming! Camping, travelling, and sitting at a bar! Although I hear campsites are going to open at the beginning of July, but will they take tents, or tourers? Going abroad doesn’t look particularly good, either! And any touring will probably have to be in the UK, that’s if I can find somewhere to camp! Anybody want to put me up in their garden? And as for sitting at the bar, that’ll definitely be a long time coming, if ever at all! Now would be a good time for me to go into hospital and have my operation!

On a brighter note, we’ve had some superb weather. Which, as the lockdown gets eased, we can enjoy more and more.


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April 2020 Update

Beach sea

It’s now week six of lockdown, and for obvious reasons, not a lot has happened! Even though I’ve not been working for some time prior to this lockdown. You would have thought that I would be used to sitting around at home, I’m not! I’d always be out somewhere, either on my bike or down the pub, and very rarely home! But we all have to do our bit. And as you’d expect when your not allowed to go anywhere the weathers been superb!

Looking back to this time last year, I’d already been touring to the New Forest, Isle of Wight and France. And was wondering where I could go to next! In fact, this will be the first April since 2014, that I’ve not been anywhere! And the only reason I hadn’t gone anywhere then was because I was recovering from back surgery!

Shop window
One of the busier businesses at the moment!? Showing support for the NHS.
Keeping Busy

To keep myself busy and occupied, I’ve been prating around making videos! Apart from the videos I’ve uploaded to Twitter and Facebook. I’ve also put some of my first tours that were only on photographs onto video. And if this lockdown goes on for too long, I’ll end up putting all my pictures on video!

Beach sea
A quiet Bognor seafront

Usually, I would be cooking a lot. But I’m not allowed to go shopping. And with limited supplies in them anyway, that’s a bit of a no goer! Anyway, talk about bad timing, my oven blew up at the beginning of the month!

Other News and Musings

Because I can’t just pop to the shops whenever I want, I’ve started to ration my beer and only drink at the weekends! Trouble is, my weekends start on a Wednesday and finish on a Monday!

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks, the number of people that usually drive everywhere who are now walking or cycling! Which is obviously good, and I have a theory that fat people will get fitter! But fitter people will get fatter, due to their limitations on exercise!

Shop window
Another business supporting the NHS

Personally, I don’t go out walking anymore, I just stick to the cycling. I find it hard to keep to social distancing rules while walking, mainly because people are ignorant! Or too busy looking at their phones! But on the bike it’s fine, I ride on the road and avoid all cycle paths and twittens. Although I do find it hard to just go out for the sack of it and don’t tend to go out every day. But if you were to ask me to, say take some sausages to Scotland, I’d gladly do it! Not that I’d be allowed to at the moment, but you know what I mean!

Stay safe, everyone!

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March 2020 Update

Water house

Well, what can I say? These are undoubtedly extraordinary times!

With no news on a date for my operation, which was meant to be happening in March. And no more light therapy, I was planning to go to France. That way if a date came through and I needed to be home quickly it wouldn’t be a problem!

But first I was going to the Isle of Wight, as you may remember from last months update, Grange Farm had opened up. Unfortunately, the weather was still atrocious, with strong winds and heavy rain! Not a problem, although I can’t go at the moment, I’ll go in a week or two’s time. After all, it’s only the start of the season, and they’ll be plenty of other opportunities to go!?! (or maybe not!)

Graylingwell Chapel, Chichester
Things Soon Changed

Vicky (my daughter) and her family were meant to be going to Spain, so I was on cat sitting duty! Thankfully, though they didn’t go, as the country got locked down and all flights were cancelled, because of the Coved-19 infection! Now, with no cat sitting duties and no appointments, I thought I’d getaway.

France was my first choice, the weather looked slightly better there, unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, as it turned out, I couldn’t get a sailing! Things in France were deteriorating fast, with hotels and restaurants being ordered to shut! And soon all ferry crossings were suspended!

I thought about going to the Isle of Wight but decided that wasn’t a good idea either!

Now we are in full lockdown and only able to go out for food shopping, medical supplies and exercise once a day while observing social distancing! That’s fine by me, I’ve always been good at social distancing! Exercising once a day is also okay, they never said for how long or how far! And being out on the bike it’s easy to avoid any social contact! But now there seems to be a rule about how long and how far you go for exercise! In light of this new rule, I’ve taken to cycle touring around the garden!

Facebook Video


Other News

Once again, I came to the aid of an old lady who had fallen over! I was cycling through the village when I spotted her crouched on the floor. After helping her up, she said that she had misjudged the kerb and had tripped over! She’d recently had knee surgery, and was unable to get up on her own. After sitting her down on a bench, and talking with her for a while, she said she was fine to continue, and her car wasn’t far away. Deja vu or what!!

With this lockdown, I’ve been keeping in contact with family and friends via the internet. Although that didn’t go too well with Indya when I pressed some filter on my phone!

Man and baby
Indya wasn’t impressed

Unable or rather not allowed to go to the supermarkets! I’ve been banned by Vicky and Julie; apparently, I’m in the “vulnerable group!” So they’ve been bringing me food parcels, although I’ve now managed to get an online delivery from the supermarket, for next week at least! I’m sure I won’t starve, I have a freezer full of stuff. And if there’s one thing you soon learn when travelling it’s, make do with whatever is available!

As for my operation, who knows when that’ll happen! But that’s the least of anybody’s worries, there are far more important things going on in the hospitals at the moment! And a final word to anybody that knows or follows me, I wish you all well, stay safe and most importantly, be kind!

Please take note

February 2020 Update


Well, that’s February out of the way, and winter over and done with! Well maybe not fully, but Spring is hopefully just around the corner! The days are getting longer, campsites are starting to open, and I’ve only got one more session of light therapy! We just need to get rid of the bad weather, which we seem to have been having for months now!

Swan in water
Swan on the boating lake in Littlehampton

The beginning of the month was good, we had some calm weather! Which I made the most of by going out for a few rides, only locally, but at least I managed to get out! It was definitely the calm before the storm though, as Storm Ciara hit, quickly followed by Storm Dennis! And it’s remained unsettled for the rest of the month!

I was hoping to be camping on the Isle of Wight this weekend (the last weekend of February.) Grange farm campsite has opened up for the season, but with storm, storm Jorge, I thought twice about it! After all, it’s not as if I’ve not been there before!

Pier sea
The old West Pier, Brighton

I’ve continued my light therapy throughout February, which has been steadily reducing, from three times a week, to two and now just once a week. And as mentioned earlier, I only have one more session to go! Those three months have certainly gone very quickly! ! Not too sure it’s made any difference, which is a bit disappointing. But at least I got a nice tan, and it was worth a try!

I think I may have had a mild dose of flu, as I really didn’t feel too good and was running a temperature for week or two, so I was a good boy and kept away from everyone, especially Indya! (And no it wasn’t Covid-19!)

Garry was running a temperature

There’s no news on a date for my hip surgery, making it look less likely that it’ll happen in March, but you never know! The other problem now is that Covid-19 which could clog up the hospitals! But every cloud has a silver lining, no operation means I might be able to go away somewhere! That’s if this weather ever improves!

Trying to get that one good photo
Other News

With all the strong winds, it’s made for some pretty spectacular seas! Which I’ve enjoyed watching, and have been down to the seafront most days. In the hope of getting that one good photo, which I never really managed, but at least it kept me occupied and out of trouble!

Apart from the rides at the beginning of the month. Trying to get that one good photo, and my visits to therapy, I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking more Asian meals. And have spent more time walking rather than cycling!

Chinese crispy pork belly