May 2019 Update

Water boats

May 2019 update, not a lot to say this month. After touring for a couple of weeks, I’ve bored you enough with my daily posts!

Water, walled city

I had my pre-op at the beginning of the month, so we’re all ready to go back into the hospital! Although I don’t think it will be for a month or two. That’s assuming my hip will hold up, as its pretty loose now! If I catch a bump wrong or forget and just go marching off, I can feel it move around, and it causes me a sharp pain! But hopefully, it’ll last for a while longer.

A Short Trip Away & Accident

I decided to go back to the New Forest for the night at the beginning of the month, to try out a new tent, but I’ll talk about that another time.

Tent bike trees ponies
Back in the New Forest

On the ride down, I managed to crash into some brambles! Maybe I was going a bit too fast, or more than likely as I think, I just wasn’t paying attention!

There’s one part of the route that goes down a gravel track, and it was there that I had my incident! I knew the gravel was a bit deep and very awkward on a fully loaded bike. But as I said I wasn’t paying attention! When I hit the gravel, I immediately felt the front wheel start to go! Worried about putting my leg down so suddenly! I decided to turn the wheel and headed for a bramble bush instead!

Man with cut on face
The consequence of not paying attention

No damage, just a few cuts and grazes! I was more worried about my pride! There was a runner close behind me, so I quickly pulled myself out from the brambles and rode off!

Future Plans

I’m hoping to go away again in the coming month, although I doubt I’ll be going too far away, I am a little concerned that my hip will pop out! Which was one of the reasons for sticking close to the coast on my recent trip to France. I thought that if anything were to happen, I could probably manage to get home, or somebody could come and get me!

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Saturday 25th May. Portsmouth to Bognor Regis. 32 miles.

Grass colourful sculpture

Well that CTC lot are a friendly bunch, not! There was four of them in front of me as we queued to check in for the ferry last night. Did they talk to me? No! Did they acknowledge me? No! What a bunch of self obsessed tossers!

Although I did force them to speak to me and found out that they were from Cambridge.

Ship in water
My ferry home last night

I bumped into them again later in the night! There was a hold up in the queue at the cafe, and who was causing it? One of those idiots from the CTC! Quibbling over the price of his food, thinking he’d been over charged! He hadn’t.

The sailing was none eventful, once on board I had a couple of pints then went to bed.

Funny thing this morning, that CTC lot, the ones that didn’t want to talk to me last night! All of a sudden they did! Thet wanted to know where the railway station was! So what did I do? Did I ignore them? Did I pretend I didn’t know where it was? No, I was very good and took them there, even though it was out of my way!

Street market
The French market in Chichester

The ride home was okay and I stopped off in Chichester for a few bits. And what just happened to be going on there? A French market!

It’s been an enjoyable fortnight away, and I’ve enjoyed being on the road, even though I’ve been suffering! And will possibly be going away again soon!

Total miles covered on this little tour 688.

Friday 24th May. Le Mesnil-sous-Jumieges to Le Havre. 58 miles.

Bike water

I was going to take my time in leaving camp this morning. It rained in the night and I was hoping to dry the tent out before leaving. No chance, the sun came up and was nowhere near me, I was too sheltered by the trees! I’ll just have to dry it out when I get home.

Old abbb
The abbey at Jumieges

I wasn’t so good at avoiding the hills today and had a long climb up from Vieux Port to Trouville la-Haule, no knowing if I was going in the right direction! Thankfully I was though!

Caught a couple of ferries across the river Seine, in a bid to avoid any hills! Which sort of worked! It seems that you don’t have to pay! Not even the cars, from what I saw!

Water sign boat
Waiting for my first ferry

I arrived in Le Havre at around 4pm, now what could I do for 6 hours before my ferry leaves?

Pont de Tancarville, thankfully I went underneath it rather than over it!

I’d like to say that I found some nice cafe or restaurant and spent the time there! The truth is that I couldn’t actually find anywhere that I felt safe leaving Passepartout or anywhere that I could site and see him!

Table beer chair
My last beer in France

In the end I just had a little ride around then a walk along the prom, before getting a few beers and then burger and chips!

Thursday 23rd May. Les Andelys to Le Mesnil-sous-Jumieges. 66 miles.

Well I’m quite pleased with myself today! Not only have I done a half decent distance (by today’s standards) I managed to avoid any hills!

It wasn’t until this morning that I finally decided to head for Le Havre. One because it’s nearer, and two, I did think it would be easier going!

I made another new friend last night

I can’t remember the last time I came this way, but there’s definitely a lot more cycle routes!

Leaf spacecraft
This was in somebody’s garden!

Admittedly I’ve never stuck as close to river as this, but a lot of the routes were on the parts that I have cycled before. It’s a lot further in distance sticking as close to the river Seine as I have, but no hills!

Man water barge
Along the Seine with one of the many barges that ply the river

I think I’ve got about another 40 miles to do tomorrow before I reach Le Havre, hopefully it’ll all be okay, as I’m booked on tomorrow nights ferry!