Thursday 15th December 2011

Thurs 15. Tivsa to Nagpur. 81 miles

The guest house I stayed in last night was noisy all night, think people were going to prayer or something and they were up really early, even before me, but for what I paid it was good and I wanted to be on the road early anyway.

Bit of an eventful ride today, saw quite a few accidents which looked fairly nasty, but didn’t look too closely! Had a blockade of the road with burning tyres, apparently they were protesting about some government thing. Also saw quite a few monkeys today just running from one side of the road to the other and one that was sat at the side of the road, managed to get his photo as I passed but didn’t stop, he didn’t look too friendly! Also met a couple from Italy who are doing more or less the same journey as me but on motorcycles. When we stopped to talk it wasn’t in the best of places as it was in a village so we just got mobbed, think the girl wasn’t too pleased with all the attention, I know how she feels it does get a bit much sometimes, didn’t talk to them for too long it just got too crowded!

Got to Nagpur and got lost as normal in a big city, luckily 2 young lads asked me where I was going, I said I want a hotel with a bar and internet access, so off we went with me following them on there motorbike to a nice hotel, not cheap but hay ho it’s my birthday! Instead of going for a curry, I’ve had a chinese tonight!

Wednesday 14th December 2011

Wed 14. Akola to Tivsa 81 miles

Staying in my cheapest place so far, a guest house for under £4! Walked the short distance from the guest house to some stalls on the main road to get something to eat and drink, no luck with the drink couldn’t find any beer, had trouble finding some coke! Stopped to eat at one of the stalls, whilst I was there I heard the owner say “cyclist” he either spotted me when I rode past earlier or I think word just gets around that there’s a strange English man on a bike staying in town! You can hear whenever I stop people on there phones telling their friends and before you know it you’ve got a captive audience again and they all want to take your photo and shake your hand. Even got stopped by the police on the road and that was just to ask me how I liked India and it’s people, which is what everybody asks!

Was talking to cotton farmer tonight and he was telling me that the food gets less spicy and not so hot the nearer you get to Calcutta, don’t think it’s been that hot and spicy anyway, sometimes I’ll have a dhal with japatees at lunch or something similar, not too sure what I get sometimes, I just ask for food and I normally get something good.

Tuesday 13th December 2011

Bhusawal to Akola 99 miles

I feel as if I’m living my life in a gold fish bowl at the moment, everybody’s always watching what I do, if I stop by the side of the road for a minute or two people are stopping and asking if I’m ok, when I stop for something to eat I’m surrounded! It’s all fine but it does get a bit wearing after a while, you can’t do anything for yourself, when I check into a hotel there’s usually 3 or 4 people to help. Lunchtime they all sit with you and watch you eat! Thank god I can go to the toilet in the privacy of my hotel room, I dread to think otherwise!!

Sat talking to an English lecturer and his friend, who worked in the hotel, last night, nice to have a fairly decent English conversation. He told me that Akola is mosquito central, I had noticed a few about, so when I went to bed I put my tent up to use as a mosquito net!