Monday 29th July. Holyhead to Towyn. 60 Miles.

Well that was a really enjoyable day! I’ve been following the national cycle route 5 for most of the day. Apart from when it went around the houses!

Most of it has been traffic free and has stuck to the coast, well since Bangor anyway.

Tent bike
Sunny start to the day

There’s been a few steep hills, but generally it’s been pretty flat.

I must admit that, towards the end today it got busy with pedestrians, but they have as much right to be there as anybody else. I just wish they were a bit more courteous!

Conwy castle

Apparently this cycle route runs from Holyhead to Reading, which is roughly the route I was thinking of taking home. Not too sure if it goes via Birmingham though, I might try and look tonight.

Path sea
The cycle route has been like this for much of the day

Hideous campsite tonight, very big and very noisy! The favourite pastime seems to be, let’s feed the seagulls! I hope they all get crapped on as a consequence!

There seems to be loads of caravan parks here, but very few campsites! At least it’s only for one night, and I always get my own back in the morning, at 5am! If people keep me awake!

Sunday 28th July. Rush to Holyhead. 44 Miles.

Well at least I managed to get my fat arse moving today!

A nice early start and I was in Dublin at just after 9 o’clock. An easy ride in mainly on cycle/bus lanes, which being a Sunday were fairly quiet.

Graveyard at Lusk early this morning

Once in Dublin I went straight to the port to book my ticket, then it was off into Dublin city, where I spent a couple of hours cycling around. I never stopped anywhere as I’m always nervous about leaving the bike!

No chance to visit, but I did enjoy s pint or two of the stuff

One thing I did notice, there was a lot of glass on the roads, particularly on the side streets near the bars. Obviously it was a lively Saturday night!

Time passed very quickly and in no time at all it was time to go back to the ferry.

Street people vehicles
O’Connell Street Dublin

The ferry crossing was very enjoyable, and also passed in no time at all! A young family who had been visiting family in Ireland came and sat next to me. We spent the entire journey talking and playing cards!

I arrived in Holyhead and went to find a hotel, but they were full! I even tried a couple of B&B’s, one turned the no vacancy light on just as I turned up! And the next one said that they were full, despite, the sign saying to the contrary and their carpark being empty!

Statue of skinny people
Famine memorial I Dublin

But it all turned out for the best, I managed to find a lovely little campsite with a pub attached!

Don’t know how I didn’t spot it in the first place!

Saturday 27th July. Rush.

No rush today, I’m still in Rush!

Rocks sea
Along the coast towards Dublin

Been lazy today and decided to stop for another day in Rush!

Apart from being lazy the other reason is, the ferry I’m hoping to catch gets me into Holyhead at about 6pm, and I don’t think there’s a campsite close by! Well certainly not on the road I need to head out on, so I’ll have to check in to a hotel for the night.

Boats in harbour
The little harbour in Rush

And when I had a brief look at hotels, they were very expensive on a Saturday night, but drop right down on a Sunday.

Boats in harbour
Another view of the harbour

Not done a lot today, went down to the little harbour, and I mean little! Then just to the supermarket.

Oh, one other thing, I actually checked and pumped my tyres up, now wasn’t I good!

Friday 26th July. Rush.

Decided to stay put today, one to sort a ferry crossing out, two its still windy and three, take a break! These past few days have been hard going against that wind.

Castle in Balbriggan yesterday

On the first account, trying to book a ferry, what a nightmare!

My preferred route of Dublin to Liverpool, can’t be done! P&O ferries that operate the route don’t take cycles, because of health and safety!

Sea beach cliff
Back cycling along the coast

Bloody health & safety and reality TV, the two things that have ruined this world!

Getting a ferry to France also seems a non starter! I can get on the ferry from Dublin to Cherbourg, but I can’t get a cabin, and I don’t fancy an eighteen hour crossing without one!

Man with sore head
Guess who didn’t put any suncream on

I think what I’ll have to do is get the ferry to Holyhead and cycle home from there! No need to book, I don’t think!? As there are about four ferries a day! I’ll get to Dublin tomorrow and then decide, maybe!

Sea beach
My campsites right on the beach in Rush

On the second count, it was good not too have to cycle against that wind. And it’s meant to change direction tomorrow.

And thirdly, taking a break was good, even if I got bored and frustrated, especially when I couldn’t book the ferry that I wanted!