Monday 21st October. Rotterdam to Hook of Holland. 34 Miles.

Well that was nearly a disastrous ending to the whole trip! I only booked the ferry the wrong way, England to Holland, instead of Holland to England, what an idiot!

Trees on water
The bobbing forest

Thankfully the very kind girl on check-in changed the route at no extra cost! I thought the times of the ferries were different to ones I’d got!

Ships cabin with bunk beds
Definitely lucked out on the cabin, there’s even a TV

Spent the morning hanging around the hotel, it was pouring with rain. And I didn’t have to be at the ferry until 11pm. Well that was what I thought!

Box shaped apartments
The cube house

After spending the morning in the hotel, I then went out to play the tourist.

I liked Rotterdam, I thought it was a lovely place, made all the better by the fact that everything is accessible by bike!

The Erasmusbrug bridge

Luckily I got bored with playing the tourist, and headed for ferry. Just as well, it was due to leave an hour earlier than I thought!

It was an easy 20-mile ride to ferry terminal at the Hook of Holland.

Cycle route signs
I liked this sign

Sunday 20th October. Arnhem to Rotterdam. 78 Miles.

A much better ride today, no wind and no rain, although it was rather chilly, but I’ll take the cold over the rain any day!I’ve spent the whole day on cycle paths, in fact since I’ve been in Holland I don’t think I’ve cycled on a single road!

Man and dog sculpture
Amusing sculpture, is it Snoopy

How things have changed, I remember the last time I came here I got nothing but abuse from car drivers, as I cycled along the roads!

Road trees
This is how roads should be

But back then we didn’t have the app’s we have today, it was a good old paper map!

Water bikes bridge
It’s Holland, canals and bicycles!

And of course the maps I use are of the whole country, and don’t show minor, or rather smaller towns! According to my maps, there was nothing between Arnhem and Rotterdam!

Saturday 19th October. Lorick to Arnhem. 76 Miles.

I had an annoying start to the day, in fact the whole day has been rather annoying!

Initially the day started off really well, I got up and found that the tent was more or less dry! No having to pack it away wet for a change. Unfortunately while I was having breakfast, it started to rain! Only for a short while, but enough to get the tent damp, never mind, same old, same old!

Border sign
The first of only two pictures taken today!

About an hour into my ride today, the wind got up and it started to rain and has been doing so on and off all day, in fact it’s been pretty chilly! The weather’s been so bad I only took a couple of photos, and their not exactly brilliant!

The second picture of the day, what else would it be!

Friday 18th October. Andernach to Lorick. 73 Miles.

What a delightful hotel last night, run by Peter and Brigitte, it made a nice change not to be over charged, as I seem to have been the past few nights! They even insisted on me taking some food from breakfast to have as a packed lunch!

 Wooden covered bridge
Lovely bridge I came over this morning

I’ve now left the vineyards and castles, the landscape has become a lot flatter and much more industrialised!

Industrial landscape
A change of scenery today

I got caught in a heavy squally shower, just as I was coming into Cologne! That delayed me for a good hour waiting for it to pass. There was no need to try and ride in it, the rain was torrential and the wind was just too strong!

I got pretty cold after getting wet, and it took quite a long time before I warmed up again.

Brightly coloured houses
Houses in Cologne

I did have intentions of looking around a couple of the cities I passed through, Bonn and Cologne .

Bonn I couldn’t be bothered and then after getting wet going into Cologne, I certainly wasn’t going to hang around!

Tent and bike
My campsite for the night

I’ve ended up camping tonight, which came as a surprise! I had intended stopping the night in Dussledorf, but once again after arriving there I decided not to stop, and pushed on!

But low and behold a few miles down the road I found this campsite!