Tools and Spares

Tools and Spares
Garrys tools and spares that he carries around


A list of the tools and spares that Garry Carries with him.

(Garry’s not particularly mechanically minded but is very practical and can usually get by somehow he may not know what to do with half the tools and spares he carries but his philosophy is that somebody will!)

  • Topek Multi tool
  • Rohloff sprocket remover; Specialist tool, as said above!
  • Pliers
  • Link remover; Garry has actually managed to use this once but it was at home!
  • Saddle spanner; For tightening up the saddle.
  • 8mm socket; Used when dismantling bike ready for flying, it makes it all a lot quicker and easier
  • Puncture repair kit; Garry can use this!
  • 3 tyre levers
  • Tyre; Schwalbe Marathon Mondial folding tyre x2 on longer trips.
  • Inner tube; Schwalbe x4 again on longer trips.
  • Spokes; Both front and rear as their different sizes, they are just strapped to the cross bar, again it would be a case of finding somebody to do it for Garry!
  • Gaffer tape and cable ties; Anything can be fixed with these!
  • Chain
  • Rohloff rear sprocket: Possibly hard to come by in some countries.
  • Spare brake blocks; You never know!
  • Oil; Used all the time.
  • Spare chain links
  • Nuts and bolts; Only a couple ever since one snapped when he was in Ireland and couldn’t find a replacement.

MSR Velo


MSR Velo
Garry’s old MSR Velo

Garry’s original touring tent was the MSR Velo, the ideal cycle touring tent! It had a large vestibule which was useful for storing panniers in overnight; it was even big enough to get a bike inside if needed! And for its time was fairly light! In fact, it was probably made specifically for cycle touring; hence the name Velo! (French for bicycle)

Garry’s Velo had sat on the back of his bike for over 35,000 miles and was with him on his world tour. But after countless nights of camping under the stars in wind, rain, hail, snow and usually being packed away wet the following morning It just wore out! It had even survived a tornado! (Spain 2008)

Tent in the woods
Garry’s MSR on tour in Spain

Unfortunately, when Garry went to buy another one, MSR had stopped making them! So Garry had to start looking for an alternative.

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Garry’s luggage is fully waterproof omitting the need to pack clothes and gear in separate bags.

Included below is a breakdown of what he carries in each bag.

Luggage cycle panniers
Garry’s bags are nearly all made by Ortlieb


  • Front Left Pannier; Sleeping bag, sleeping mat and silk liner
  • Front Right Pannier; Cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery
  • Back Right Pannier; Generally odd bits, tool kit, spares, maps, food and usually a can or two of beer just in case!
  • Back Left Pannier; Clothes, laptop, chargers, medical pack and toiletries
  • Bar Bag; Head torch, glasses, ride log, cameras, sun cream, sweets, bottle of coke and headphones. The map case on top has obviously a map in it and also a compass
  • Tent Bag; Believe it or not a tent! But also a Thermarest chair
  • Other Bags x2; Large bag contains waterproofs and sits on top of the tent on the back rack. The smaller bag carries my fleece when I’m not wearing it and sits on top of my back right pannier


Sea To Summit Travel Day Pack


Sea To Summit travel day pack
The travel pack closed with a £2 coin for scale

The Sea to Summit Travel Day Pack. An extremely lightweight daypack that compresses down into its own stuff sack and takes up about as much room as a pair of socks.

Sea To Summit travel day pack open
The day pack opened up

Because Garry’s main mode of transport is his bike, he rarely needs a backpack. But there is always the odd time when it comes in handy. Whether it’s playing the tourist, walking around the sites of some city. (not that that happens very often!) Or that trip to the consulate, to get a visa. Where you’re required to present a myriad of documents, everything can be easily carried, in the Sea To Summit Travel Day Pack.

Garry’s pack sits at the bottom of his pannier and get’s forgotten about until the next time!

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