Wednesday 25th April. Crystal Palace to Lingfield. 25 miles.

Bluebells in Selsdon nature reserve

Another short day of cycling, which to be honest is suiting me down to the ground at the moment!

Shirley windmill on the outskirts of London

I’ve spent most of the day visiting friends in Oxted today which accounts for such low mileage, but as I said that suits me!

Path through the woods
Cycling through the woods

I decided to use the sat nav on my phone to get me to Oxted which was working fine until it took me off the road and through some woods! It was flipping hard work the track was a nightmare, all bumpy and rutted and it was all uphill!

Bluebells in the woods
Bluebells in every direction

I was cursing and swearing wishing I’d paid more attention, rather than just following the phone blindly! But then all of a sudden I was surrounded by Bluebells they were everywhere! I must admit that it was worth the effort of going through the woods, the colour and scent was amazing!

One of the many aeroplanes that have flown above me tonight

My campsite tonight seems to be directly underneath the flight path for Gatwick! And the campsites annoyed me! Not only is it expensive! But they also charge extra to use the showers! Which in itself isn’t that unusual it’s more the fact that they never told me, so I didn’t have any change for them! And it was too far for me to walk back and get some! So it was a wet wipe wash for me tonight!