Charity Bicycle Ride 23rd-June-2008

Garry McGivern’s Bilbao to Bognor Regis charity bicycle ride, Monday 23rd-June-2008 Lacanau to Rochefort. 97 Miles. More long boring straight roads through the pine forests of Aquitaine this morning! But thankfully, by midday, I was out of them and had reached the ferry at Pointe de Grave.

I never thought I’d say it, but, yay, roads with hills! I’ve had enough of those pine forests and their long straight roads that seemed to go on forever. Although, at one point, when I rode through the pretty village of Brouage, I wished I was back on the smooth roads and pine forests of Aquitaine. Brouage’s had cobbled streets! Which, after having already cycled eighty miles, hurt. However, it was a very picturesque and pretty village, full of tourists, unfortunately.

Bikes Not Allowed

Before reaching my campsite in Rochefort tonight, I had to cross the river Charente, but the bridge was out of bounds to bicycles. Not being allowed to use the bridge meant a great big detour in land to continue going forward. Just great, I thought. I did consider dashing across the bridge. Luckily though, I found the old road. I assumed it was the old road. I really didn’t know. But I decided to follow it and see where it led. What a good move that was. It led to an old cable transporter. It was a bit like a cable car, except it ran from one side of the river to the other.

Bike on pier
On the Transporter bridge

Don’t forget the main reason behind my ride. I want to raise as much money for St Wilfred’s Hospice, which cared for my wife, Josie, before she died of breast cancer in December 2007, aged only 42. Even the smallest donation helps; it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Every single penny goes towards helping St Wilfred’s continue their vital work.  Please donate by visiting my JustGiving page.

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