Crimbo Limbo Ride

A group of photos from Garry’s Crimbo Limbo ride around the Southdowns.

The weather has been pretty bad over the Christmas period, with strong winds, rain and even snow! But this day was bright and frosty, so Garry took this opportunity of a break in the weather to go out on his bike.

Snow is a bit of a rarity in the south of England and no sooner does it come it’s gone again, but sometimes it hangs around for a bit longer in the hills of the Southdowns, Garry went to check it out.


2 Replies to “Crimbo Limbo Ride”

  1. Lovely pictures – I used to cycle around East Dean. I remember the pond. Keep up the videos and a happy new year.
    Auld Malc.

    1. Thanks, Malcolm, it’s probably still the same in East Dean now as it was then!
      If this weather ever improves I might be able to get out and make another video!
      I s there any news on your bike?
      Happy New Year to you too.

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