Cycle Touring France 30th-April-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in France Sunday, 30th-April-2023. Saint-Malo to Rennes. 59 miles. I’m not so sure my mileage is that accurate today. My cycle computer seems to be playing up again. I thought I’d fixed it, but obviously not.

Apart from my trip computer, it’s been a good day. The crossing last night was as smooth as can be. I met a few other cyclists who were all very nice. Some, although not together, were going to the same place, Nice, in southern France. I think they were following some cycle itinerary following “Green Ways”. And another was looking for monoliths. And, of course, to top this morning off, I sailed through passport control with my new EU passport. It was just like the old days.
Today’s ride was mainly on routes I’ve cycled before, but it was still enjoyable. Tomorrow’s route will probably be one I’ve taken before as well, at least until Redon, anyway. Cycling along the canal path today, I came across a section that was closed for resurfacing. But luckily, just as I turned up, a French cyclist was there pondering which way to go, as there was no visible detour. Luckily, two French women said it was okay to go through as long as we put the fence back behind us. They said the workers get angry otherwise!

Boats houses water
Port De Dinan

Thankfully it was only a short section that was closed, and we were soon through it. Just as we got past it, another couple of cyclists came along and asked us if they could get through. The French guy I was with explained to them what we had done, in French, of course, while I just listened. Realising I was English, they started talking in English. I then got a lesson in French, when I said where I was going. My pronunciation is pretty crap, and they couldn’t understand what I was saying. It was all good fun. I lost the French guy soon after; he stopped to tell some other cyclists how to get through.
To see where I spend each night, and the route I’ve taken on this tour, visit the Where’s Garry page. You can also follow my progress on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.
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