Cycle Touring France 6th-May-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in France Saturday, 6th-May-2023. Saint-Brieuc to Saint-Malo or just outside. 45 miles. It’s been another wet day, although possibly not as bad as the past two days.

Well, I’ve made it back to Saint-Malo and hope to catch tomorrow morning’s ferry if they’ll let me on. If not, it’s no great deal as I’m booked on Monday’s ferry. But I really would like to be home Sunday night; it gives me a day to sort out my gear before the hospital on Tuesday, which is in Haywards Heath, about forty miles from home.

Trees and viaduct
The viaduct at Les Ponts-Neufs

Last night’s campsite was rather busy and noisy. There were dozens of people with their dogs, all of which seemed to bark. The dogs, that is. Not the owners. They were busy shouting, or at least it sounded as if they were. There was a dog show in Saint-Brieuc today hence all the dogs. Although they all shut up when it started to rain, forcing them into their tents or camper vans.

The rain continued for much of the night, and I was woken up every now and then when the rain became heavy, which in my new tent wasn’t a problem. Everything was as dry as a bone this morning. Luckily it didn’t rain when it was time to pack up and leave camp, or that would have been really miserable.

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