December 2014 – Update

After being back at work for two monthsI finally realised that I’m not fit enough for work! Everything is just so hard to do and I because I’m finding it such hard going I’m rushing and not doing a good job! So unfortunately I’ve had to give up work again I’m just too uncomfortable and in too much pain. Think I might have done more damage by working as I’m really struggling at the moment and don’t seem to be able to walk more than 200 metres without being really uncomfortable and having to stop.I went back to hospital to see my consultant who said that he wants to have one more go at my back before he passes me on to somebody else so he’s going to operate again! Felt pretty peed off and down when he said that he was going to operate again, but at least he’s not given up on me and is still trying!Puss

Puss unfortunately had to be put to sleep earlier this month, she’d not been her normal stroppy self for a few days she would just stay up stairs not bothering to come down when I came in or when I got up which is something that she would always do! It turned out that she had a kidney infection, the vet said that there wasn’t a lot that could be done and said that the kindest and best thing to do was to put her to sleep, to which I reluctantly agreed, certainly didn’t want her to suffer! Poor Puss I’ll really miss her coming to greet me whenever I came in, even when I’d had a few and would come home in the early hours of the morning she’d always be there to greet me, most nights she would sleep at the bottom of the bed, even when I’d go away for a few months at a time she would still be there waiting for me,even after my big trip when I was away for a year she was still there waiting for me!Putney and me And unfortunately it’s just one more lost connection with my wife Josie as it was always her cat, RIP puss you’ll be sadly missed! Unfortunately my friend Mick also had to have his pet dog Putney put to sleep after his back had gone. Not a good month for us pet owners!

Got taken to bingo by my family the night before my birthday, as a birthday treat apparently! Not so sure it was a treat and who’s idea it was but it certainly was different, I think the girls (my Vicky and Hayley, Julies daughter) enjoyed it, I found it all a bit too stressful there was so many different cards and games to play it was a job to keep up, but luckily for us there was some friendly regulars on the table next to ours who kept helping us out. Don’t think I’ll be going back in a rush although it was something different and the beer was cheap.

Christmas came and went, didn’t really do too much as I managed to catch a mild dose of flu, had cold sweats and was very low on energy I even found it hard work to cycle down to the shops which is only just over a mile away and only went to the pub twice over Christmas!

Happy New Year everybody here’s hoping for plenty of cycling adventures this year.

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