December 2016 Update

After arriving home from my tour in India and Nepal at the end of November things soon returned to normal. A little bit too normal for my liking!

Whilst I was away on tour I’d managed to stop taking any medication for my back, which was good news as it was the first time I’d been able to do that in nearly 5 years! But after being off the bike and back at home for a few days the pain soon returned and I was once again having to take painkillers.

This is as far as Garry got

With my back hurting once again I decided to go away on my bike to try and ease it. Unfortunately, I only got as far as Portsmouth 20 miles away before the wind got up and I had to take shelter in a pub. It never really got that windy at all it was just an excuse to stop as I really wasn’t that enthusiastic about going away, particularly as I didn’t know where to head for and as I’ve said before, I’m not any good at just going out on a bike ride just for the sake of it!

All ready and loaded to go away

A couple of days later I was looking at the mileage that I’d cycled whilst I was in India when I realised that I was just 105 miles short of the 50,000-mile mark on Passepartout!

With the 50,000-mile mark, so close I now had a reason to go away cycling as I decided that I wanted to complete 50,000 miles before the end of the year!

Unfortunately work commitments and bad weather were both against me and it wasn’t until after Christmas that I was able to go away.

Crossing Southampton waters on the way to Hythe and the New Forest

Once again, I headed towards Portsmouth and managed to keep going this time and not end up in the pub!

I crossed the water at Portsmouth catching the ferry to Gosport where I then followed the coast to Southampton. Once in Southampton I again caught another ferry this time to Hythe and then on down through the New Forest, which as you know is one of the places I quite regularly cycle to.

The sun going down in the New Forest

It was a lovely sunny day albeit a bit chilly and I was enjoying being back in the saddle.

Cycling through the New Forest was as lovely as it always is. After 75 miles, I reached Christchurch where I decided to stop for the night in a hotel, I did contemplate camping (very briefly) but I didn’t think that there were any campsites open at this time of year, well certainly not the one I normally stay at!

Little harbour at Hill Head

The following morning I was going to come back home via the Isle of Wight another place I like to cycle to, but after a bit of consideration I decided to cycle back the same way that I had cycled down, following national cycle route 2.

A frosty morning in the New Forest

By the time, I’d got home I’d covered 150 miles and surpassed the 50,000-mile mark.

The Queen Elizabeth in port at Southampton

So, at the end of 2016 I’ve covered 50,046 miles in seven and a half years!

Christmas was the normal affair of family meals and plenty of drink!

6 Replies to “December 2016 Update”

  1. I’d be proud if I did that. I am on an electric bike now. It’s not the same but I’m hoping to do the Hythe ferry, the Hamble ferry and the ferry to Hayling Island.
    I don’t have heros now but you’d be one of them.

    1. That’s very kind of you Malcolm.
      I’m sure that you will do those ferries, especially as the Hayling island ferry is running again now.
      Let me know when your going to do it and I might join you for part of the ride!

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