Tuesday 7th January – December Update.

Not in too much pain now with my leg and foot as they are completely numb, although I am still unable to work!

I finally got my appointment to see a specialist about my back at the beginning of the month, who then referred me for an MRI scan, (more waiting!) he thinks that I’ve got a slipped disk and will probably need an operation, which I must admit I was dead against before, but now I’ve had enough of not being fully fit and just want to get it sorted! I received a call on the 23 December at about 1 pm asking me to come in for an MRI scan the following day, Christmas Eve, three hours later I received another call saying the appointment was cancelled! I eventually got an appointment on New Year’s Eve and I now await the results.

Having an MRI scan was a rather claustrophobic affair, I could imagine that if you were claustrophobic you really wouldn’t enjoy it, the tunnel you go into is very narrow and the roof of the tunnel is only an inch or so from your nose, and it’s so noisy all whirring and throbbing noises, you’re given some headphones with music playing but you really struggle to hear anything above the noise of the scanner, the whole thing took about 30 minutes.

I had a really nice birthday weekend which was spent with family and friends. On Saturday (the day before my birthday) there was a surprise dinner party with friends and family, which was superbly cooked by Julie, afterwards we played silly party games which were fuelled mainly by alcohol! These went on until the early hours of Sunday morning, fun was had by all and I think everybody else enjoyed it as much as I certainly did! Sunday morning (my birthday) I went round to my daughters for brunch and to open my presents with my granddaughter which was nice, the afternoon was spent down the pub, again with family and friends, and in the evening out for a meal with just the family.

I also managed to snap one of my implants off with the screw breaking off halfway up in the implant itself, at first my dentist thought that I would have to go up to London to see a specialist to get it sorted as he’d never come across this happening before! I could see the pound signs flashing before my eyes, knowing any trip to a specialist in London would cost a lot of money! After several other appointments with my dentist, where he would take x-rays and examine it more, he eventually decided that he would like to have a go and asked me if I was happy for him to try, which I obviously was, anything had to be cheaper than going up to London! The appointment was set in a few days time. Upon arrival I was given the normal local anaesthetic to numb my mouth as he had to cut the gum where it had already grown over the implant, not a nice feeling at all, even though you can’t feel him cutting, you still know what he’s doing! Simon, my dentist eventually managed to get the broken screw out after nearly an hour of struggling and sweating, on his behalf, not mine I just lay there with my mouth open! He even had to modify one of his implements to get the screw out which is now called the Garry tool! As to why it broke, he had no idea the only thing he could put it down to was perhaps the accident I had in New York when I was knocked off my bike, but that’s something we’ll never know, at least it’s fixed now!

Just before Christmas, we had the Coca-Cola lorry visit Chichester, which I found rather bizarre, it’s only a lorry painted red with lights on but for some reason it conjures up such a Christmassy feeling. Perhaps because in England the Coca-Cola truck is always on the Christmas adverts for Coca-Cola!?

As per normal I over catered at Christmas and was left with nearly a whole turkey, even after making the obligatory turkey pie, turkey curry and turkey soup I still had plenty left over, which I just portioned up and froze down.

Ended up getting a cough and cold between Christmas and New Year which I seem to get every year, I think the only time in recent years that I haven’t had one was when I cycled around the world. In theory, I shouldn’t have been home this Christmas as I had planned to cycle around India but because of my back, I said I would stay and get it sorted!

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