Dhaka CNG-Ride Video Part-7

Dhaka CNG-Ride Video Part-7. A video posted on Garry’s YouTube Channel took on his 22,000-mile cycle ride around the world.

It’s the 31st December 2011, New Year’s eve and Garry’s in Dhaka getting ready for his flight to China. Not that he’s got a flight booked or even his visa! He’ll sort the visa and flight out next week after the weekend. But in the meantime, he’s taking a ride in a CNG in search of packing materials. And on the off chance that the Chinese embassy is open, he heads that way too.

People near water
Chaotic Dhaka

A brief interlude for Garry before continuing on his unaided solo bike ride around the world. However, it wasn’t a world tour at the time of shooting this video! Garry was only cycling to Australia.

An updated version of this video was added many years later on Garry’s YouTube channel, which isn’t quite as basic! The newer version is a compilation of photos and videos taken on his ride across Bangladesh. Click here to view.

Dhaka CNG-Ride Video Part-7

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