Travelsonabike2 May 2018 Tour Map

May 2018 bicycle tour map from Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2. The map shows where Garry spent each night of his bike ride in southern England. Behind each pin is a brief description of the day’s ride, along with the miles cycled for the day.

Garry’s been in a lot of pain since his last tour, but he’s now got some new medication to take! And now feels strong enough to go bicycle touring. With only a couple of days spare and not wanting to go too far, Garry decided that he’d not been to Salisbury for a while and could easily make it there in one day.

Salisbury had been in the news quite a lot in the past couple of months. After a recent chemical attack! Undeterred by the recent events, Garry cycled the 85 miles from his home to Salisbury, possibly helped by the steroids he was now on!

You can find out more by visiting the England May 2018 tour page.

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2 Replies to “Travelsonabike2 May 2018 Tour Map”

  1. Good work Garry! stay away from the Island this week – it’s the festival. I’m off to Lymington for a few days to get away from it. Might see you in the market. Looking forward to your next trip.

    1. Cheers Malcolm, thanks for letting me know, I was wondering about going over, I certainly won’t be now!
      Enjoy Lymington and it’s Saturday market, if I end up down that way I’ll give you a shout.

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