European Bike Ride 10th-September-2022

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Saturday, 10th-September-2022. In Les Andelys. I awoke this morning, all raring to get moving, and started to pack up. But after about ten minutes, it began to rain again. And after looking at the weather forecast for the day decided to stay where I was. I’m not in any rush, and cycling in the rain is just miserable.

After a few hours of showers, there looked like a big enough gap for me to venture to the shops. Deciding that it might do me good to walk rather than cycle, I set off. After visiting the boulangerie and a supermarket, I made my way back. Only to be caught in another shower. But nothing too major, and I found some shelter under a bridge to wait it out. It was probably only a one/one and a half-mile round trip. But blimey, did I know it! I thought it was exhausting enough cycling. It’s ten times as bad walking. I really do need to get this anaemia sorted.

Today’s lunch this is pretty much what I have most days. Minus the beer, and I didn’t eat all the crisps.

I spent much of the day in the campsite bar/cafe looking at my map and working out my best route. I was also joined by the young lad whose parents ran the place.

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