European Bike Ride 11th-September-2022

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Sunday, 11th-September-2022 Les Andelys to Cormeilles. 57 miles. What a damp misty morning it was today. The mist didn’t lift until near midday. Then it was a lovely sunny day.

I’ve come away from the Seine and decided to head more directly to Ouistreham for the ferry home. The twists and turns of the Seine had got the better of me.

I’ve felt much better today. I’m not too sure if it was a day off yesterday. Maybe it was because I’ve been following smooth roads, or what I think is the main reason. I’ve been eating steak for the past three nights, boosting my iron levels. But whatever the reason, I’ll take it. Mind you, after saying I felt a lot better. I’ve still only cycled under sixty miles.

Wooden buildings
The pretty town of Cormeilles

Unfortunately, I’m staying in a hotel tonight. Well, I say, unfortunately, I can’t complain, really. It’s just I should have been camping. I’d passed a couple of signs for campsites a few miles back but chose to ignore them and push on a bit more. A big mistake a couple of miles down the road, I’d had enough, and there were no signs of campsites apart from the two I’d passed, and I certainly wasn’t going to go back on myself!

No, the mistake was that because it was a Sunday, the hotel’s restaurant was closed. And if I were camping, at least I’d have been able to cook something. In the end, I wandered into town and had a pizza as it was the only place open. I met another English couple there who were also staying at the hotel. The pizzeria was run by an elderly couple, with the man doing the cooking. Talk, Mr Grumpy. He kept shouting at us for talking too loudly. No wonder there were only the three of us in there!

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