European Bike Ride 12th-September-2022

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Monday, 12th-September-2022, Cormeilles to Ouistreham cycling. Then ferry to Portsmouth. I started to cycle home but jumped on a train instead. 53 miles. As I was so close to Ouistreham last night and arrived just after midday today, I decided to jump on the first available ferry, which was the 16.30. I could have camped at Ouistreham tonight. But to be honest, I couldn’t see much point. It’s only delaying the inevitable.

It was a late start today. Breakfast at the hotel wasn’t until eight o’clock. And even if I didn’t bother with breakfast, I wouldn’t have been able to get my bike out until eight, so it was a bit of a no-brainer.

The ride from Cormeilles to Ouistreham was pretty fast, and apart from one uphill, most of it was downhill or flat. The crossing from Ouistreham to Portsmouth was a little late. And even later, by the time we arrived in Portsmouth, then to top it all, they had trouble getting the ramp down. I was a good hour late by the time I eventually got off.

Wooden building
Now that’s what you call a cinema building
Should Have Just Got The Train From Portsmouth

I decided to cycle home, but then if it was too much of a struggle, I’d jump on the train at Havant. Haha, guess what? Yep, it was a struggle, so I made for Havant, which was on the way anyway, so it wasn’t a big diversion. But then when I arrived at the station the lift to get from one side of the track to the other was broken! So back out of the station, I went and used the footbridge. I got over to the other side only to find the ramp down to the platform was locked, so I then had to go on another detour, causing me to miss my train. Luckily there was another one twenty minutes later, the last one of the night.

I eventually walked in my door at just gone one o’clock, which would have been two o’clock French time. I did have a bit of luck on the trains. Because it was so late, I didn’t have to pay.

Well, it’s certainly not been one of my most successful tours. But that’s not to say it’s not been enjoyable.

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