European Bike Ride 13th-September-2022

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Tuesday, 13th-September-2022. At home in Bognor Regis. And you thought you’d heard the last from me for a while. As I was going to be away until next week, I’m still going to post, just to annoy everybody.

After arriving home in the early hours of this morning, I more or less went straight to bed and got about four hours of sleep, which at the moment seems to be the norm. So I spent this morning unpacking, hanging out my tent to dry and washing my clothes.

Grey cat
My mate Toby, the cat

As I said earlier, I was going to be away until next week, so I plan on going out on a few day rides. I won’t be stopping away anywhere. I’ll either not cycle too far and do a round-robin. Or I’ll go further afield and get the train home. Subject, obviously, to how I feel and the weather, which today hasn’t been brilliant. I think it’s wet tomorrow as well. I’m also feeding my daughter’s cat, Toby, while they’re away on holiday. Another reason for only doing day rides.

It was just as well that I turned around when I did. A few days ago, I realised I hadn’t taken enough of one of my tablets and would have run out. I’d already got my medication together and made sure I’d packed enough. But a day or two before leaving, I forgot the doctor increased one of them, which I’d not allowed for.

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